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Wish I had not read this today…that the average toothbrush has 10 million germs. I’m thinking that makes your toothbrush the grossest thing in your bathroom…LOL!!!
But do not worry…Sam and Lissa to the rescue:
Rinse your toothbrush after using.
Let your toothbrush air dry after every use, preferably in an upright position. That keeps the bacteria from having babies. Don’t store in a small moist closed container.
If you have a bad immune system, rinse with mouthwash before you brush. That cuts the number of germs going back on the brush.
Get a new toothbrush after having a cold or the flu. You should never have the same one after 3 or 4 months anyway.
And finally…and I am guilty of this. You might be too. Don’t share your toothbrush and keep all your family’s toothbrushes at least an inch apart. Christina never comes home with a toothbrush and if we’re at a hotel together she never brings one. She always uses mine. What’s with that girl…LOL!!!!
This public service message brought to you by the American Dental Association and the Sam and Lissa Morning Show!!!
P.S….I can’t believe I just wrote a blog on toothbrushes…I have reached new highs!!!

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07/19/2012 10:07AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-19
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