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How many people do you know who aren’t on Facebook?
Well, My Dad wasn’t. But he was 91 when he died.
I do have a few girlfriends who have a FB page, but never look at it.
You needn’t share this survey with them..but see how it relates to you.
Here’s the age that people are most likely to post about certain topics.

1.  Men and women are most likely to post about the WEATHER on Facebook in their 60s. 
2.  People in their 60s are also most likely to talk about POLITICS on Facebook. 
3.  Women are most likely to post about BOOKS at age 22 . . . men are most likely to at 50. 
4.  Men talk about FITNESS and working out at age 45 . . . women at 34.  
5.  Men post about their HEALTH at 54 . . . women at 43.  
6.  Men post about TECHNOLOGY at 34 . . . women at 22.
7.  Men are most likely to post about SPORTS when they're teenagers.  Women at age 48. 
8.  And men and women post about FASHION at age 16.
None of this makes any sense to me…LOL
But this does. American Idol ratings for their finale the lowest EVER!!14.3 million compared to 21 million last year when Phillip Phillips won and 29 million the year before when Scotty McCreery won. You think some changes are in order? YES!!!!


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05/20/2013 9:41AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-20
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