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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog May 4th

It's Saturday--let's play dress up!

I often feel bad about celebrities tagged as "worst dressed". But when I saw this photo of Martha Stewart on one of those lists I said, "WHA...??" Is this a side of Martha you want to see more?

Photo: I often feel bad about celebrities tagged as  

Jamie Inman, Helen Morad and Ross Mehan like this.

Karla Jameson Awful
Elizabeth Gage Ew
Ross Mehan Wow--I'm not a women's fashion expert, but this is disturbing--
Kevin Howard She looks stunning! Go Martha! Embrace your Golden Girl!
Ross Mehan The rich see fashion different than us poor folk
Laura Mackin Hedrick yuck
Lori Harvey Disturbing....
Lisa Carr Perhaps if it all wasn't so gawdawful monochromatic...and a color that makes her look like walking death?
Jamie Holcomb-Basham · Friends with Laura Mackin Hedrick  LMFAO
Kevin Howard I think you're all jealous of her because she's successful.
Lori Harvey Forget common sense, doesn't she have enough money for a stylist?
Deana Pisciotta Anders No wonder she's single.
Laura Mackin Hedrick ya know what, i take the yuck back, i think she would look fantastic in black, and she had the confidence to wear it and that's what looks good on any woman Confidence!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Maybe black on top--or a fitted jacket?
Karin Taylor Love it all - if the pants where long, or maybe not gold... : )
Patti Havel Pluta yuk
Janie Freeman Oh no! I like when you can dress a little younger, but this? She looks like a pirate! yo-ho.
Janie Freeman I think athe actual offending article is the pants. Too sequined, too gold and too short.
Jona Denz-Hamilton ...but she goes home to a PERFECT house...sigh.
Maureen Havel Revis Did she look in the mirror before she left the house.. Guess not!
Dianne Draut Oh. My. That's not a good thing.
Joe Kelley At 70 shopping for a boy toy lately I hear
Virginia Caldeira got dressed in the dark I guess
Jamie Inman Makes me giggle. she prolly paid money for that get-up.
Jeanne Shafsky Mullins OMG!!
Larry Silveira gross
Susanne Gleason · Friends with Patti Havel Pluta What Martha was thinking..".I want to be glitzy but cover my bum...oh...gimme ruffles and spaaakly pants--but they gotta be tight (because I have this really ugly nero jacket to cover my bum)--Oh..gotta have really big shoes w/o any color...so I look like I am floating with my ruffly top...make it close to the color beige so I can look totally washed out with my blonde locks....Yay..this is what I want!!!
Kate Stowe · Friends with Karin Taylor let her be!
Marbeth Richmond · 2 mutual friends Is she getting alzheimers? That may be the "worst dressed photo" ever ---

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jona's Blog May 4th
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