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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog April 26th

YUM! According to a Hostess Brands LLC executive, "Everything will be as delicious and fattening as it always was." :) I'm going to buy some as soon as they're back! What have you replaced your Twinkies with since they disappeared?
Ho Ho! Twinkies, other Hostess cakes to return to shelves www.syracuse.com

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Loni Reeder Okay... I admit that I tried the Little Debbie version of the chocolate cupcakes, but they simply aren't the same!!

Marilyn Barranti Not even close !!! Loni, Hope they don't change up the recipes when the resume production !!! I am looking forward to my occasional Hostess cake

Lisa Carr Let the artery clogging begin!

Don West Mostly sawdust and Elmer's GlueJ

Jona Denz-Hamilton
 to  Don West: I didn't know you were that much of a fan of the Carpenters!

Don West And their aunts.

The domes may soon be history. I loved the radio promotion my old station did for the premiere of "The Last Waltz"--complete Thanksgiving dinners on fancy tables in the lobby for a bunch of winners! What memories of the Century Theaters do you have?

Photo: The domes may soon be history. I loved the radio promotion my old station did for the premiere of

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Jona Denz-Hamilton My sons joked that they like the theaters because they're so empty

Cathy Fanzone I sat in the 3rd row to see JAWS and screamed Bloody Murder when the head popped out of the boat! Saw So Many movies there. ET, Close Encounters, all the STAR WARS and STAR TREK films... A lifetime of memories... :o(

Mariah Waite going to see star wars with my family (including my grandparents), and going to Chuck-E Cheese after.

Ted Kopulos As a movie critic since 1976 I've been there THOUSANDS of times. Was even Santa Claus at one of Syufy's holiday parties. Will miss the domes. Will especially HATE whatever they put in their place ... and the traffic it will cause.

Dan Kind Watching all the disaster flicks of the 70's... The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, The Poseidon Adventure. Also, seeing Jaws was terrifying! My Mom took me to see The Godfather in the early 70's. Rocky and Star Wars was fun also. Seen many a flic at the Century's.

Noella Andrade It was always fun to go new to us. Meaning more than 1or2 to see at a time playing. That way I got to see my movie and and my brothers got to see theirs.

Donald Benson · Friends with Ted Kopulos  I remember when "Sound of Music" ran for a year straight in one of the domes. Also standing in lines that ran straight down the middle of the parking lot for mandatory blockbusters like "Star Trek V" ("Please, Captain -- Not in front of the Klingons.")

Dan Kind Right... They used to play movies for a long long time. The Sound Of Music, Fiddler On The Roof, The Godfather. Months and months... Some over a year.

Brandy Mason i used to live right there moorpark everything right there walking distince im going to miss it and watching movies there

Ken Stout I remember seeing Earthquake, The Last Waltz. Towering Inferno, Empire Strikes Back, Black Sunday, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Let There Be Rock among others.

Brandy Mason thats going to sad to see it go and our memories are not there anymore

Ted Kopulos "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was the last movie to run over a year ...and at Century 21. 2001 was a mind-blower, especially since I was on 13 at the time. And I remember the DRESS CODE they had until about 1966 or 1967. And they sold slick, color portfolios for the movies that played back then.

Brandy Mason its been so long.i think it was happy feet was the last movie i saw there. with my mom,my sisters my dad and other people i cant rememeber who else was there its been a while

Matt Leahy · Friends with Ted Kopulos and 1 other Has it actually closed? I used to love going there.

Ted Kopulos No, I think they have about a year to go. Odd, that an employee at one of the domes said they were being "upgraded". Yeah ... to a corporate traffic hog.

Jack Counts Jr OMGosh! Many Memories....I saw so many movies there! Back when VCR's were not widespread and DVDs were still in the future. We couldn't wait to get in line for movies like Jaws, Rocky, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc. It was a family event. Nothing like the big screen for big blockbusters! My favorite memory of the Domes is when our family and friends all went to see Star Wars. The theater was packed, of course, and my Mom (she passed in '10) let out a sympathetic cry when R2D2 got stunned by the jawas and fell over...LOL. Wow. I haven't thought of that in years...

Jona Denz-Hamilton to Jack Counts Jr: What a sweet memory!!

Jack Counts Jr Yes, Jona....thank you for sharing this

Mitch Sako I can remember when it was just Century 21...and then suddenly, it seemed like they were on the way to building Century 99.....

Judy Dallojacono Reed I remember when Star Wars and the Star Trek movies came out....the lines were wrapped around the building.....I enjoy going there now for the first matinee at $6-$7...so worth it.



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Jona's Blog April 26th
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