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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog

Who says Friday the 13th is a bad luck day? You know that Christmas present (movie giftcard) from a good friend that I lost? I just found out that it's eligible to be replaced! LUCKY FRIDAY THE 13TH !!  Let me know if anything great happens to you.
Maybe Thurday the 12th is the new Friday the 13th. Thanks to local hero, security officer STEVE BROWN, yesterday was bad luck for two BUSTED bank robbers...
You hope his company, ECHELON SECURITY in San Jose gets tons of new business after his heroics yesterday, nabbing the crook and all! HEAR HIM SPEAK below...jus' a regular guy doing what's right--WOW!

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01/13/2012 5:01PM
Jona's Blog
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02/07/2012 11:24AM
Steve Brown
Thank you for the blog. Im humbled and glad thatthe suspects were brought to justice and that no body got hurt.
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