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Jona's Blog September 4th

Photo: Clint Eastwood apparently stole the show at the Republican National Convention last week. Today's national poll says out of 15 notable speakers, 20% call Clint's speech the highlight! Would you vote for Clint if he were running?

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Paul Keller maybe for mayor of pacific grove ... for president ... no, he clearly doesn't see the big picture.

Jona Denz-Hamilton But he DID legalize ice cream eating on Carmel streets!

Paul Keller I wonder if he could do something about the fact that pop music stopped allowing guitar players to solo.

André-Marié D. Bond I most certainly would!! He's makes my day!! :D

Mike DiRubio Great for Carmel, not so much America.

Jym Dingler Yes.

Jym Dingler He gets the Big Picture: No schmucks. ッ

Lorraine Macias Mendoza For president no. His speech did not get to the point, he had way to many " Uh.. Uh.. Uh's. He was making a joke of the matter, while people are out of work and don't have health insurance. Politics is serious and should be addressed as such. Now if he was going to try for comedy ... Maybe:) that's even a big maybe. I loved him as a actor , he had so many great movies . Talking to an empty chair and joking about the matter I feel didn't become him at all.
That's my humble opinion:)

Jym Dingler Have you heard The Empty Chair without his teleprompter? Pretty much the same.

Lorraine Meier ‎20% called it the highlight because the speakers had nothing to say especially once you check to facts!

Jym Dingler I checked the fact-checkers. Uncorrelated data. Meh.

Jona Denz-Hamilton The "nothing to say" wasn't part of the poll, to my knowledge LOL! But Pew Research came up with the 20% number. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/05/rnc-polls_n_1857922.html
 GOP Convention Viewers Fell; Eastwood Speech Was Highlight http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Matthew Arnett The Medflys are rumored to be writing "Don't Mess WIth the Chair"!

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09/05/2012 5:14PM
Jona's Blog September 4th
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