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Jona's Blog September 20th

Photo: My son left his phone at home last night before his night class. Luckily he didn't need to use a payphone--cuz they're GONE! What do you miss about payphones?
Karen Herberger-Appelman That they're are gone!! lol
Noreen Helvie theyre gd for emergencies in case u leave ur cell
Jeff Wheeler The thing I miss about the payphones is the payphones. They are often cheaper then your own cellphone call, and the signal NEVER drops out or is vulnerable to a dead zone. Phone companies just don't want you to have a cheaper, better option.
Manuel Fraßmann This is a "mobile" phone... lol
Jeff Fancher Bacteria!
Rosanna Aninos Jerkins wondering who coughed on the receiver just before I got to the phone
Jona Denz-Hamilton That germ factor always got to me too--LOL!
Don West Clark Kent has to undress in a Winnebago now.....
Dave Glovin I miss the ones that were lowered for people in wheelchairs. When I was a patrol supervisor back when cellphones were like carrying a brick, I could pull up to one and make a call without getting out of the cruiser!
Julie Hansen Anonymity
Jeff Fancher Yes Don, and think of all the homeless people now that won't find free clothes in a phone booth. I never did see Superman carry a bag with his clothes in it. That must've been expensive.
Don West Shhhh. Suspension of disbelief. I think the Silver Age era of Superman comics explained he had a "secret pouch" in his cape for Clark's clothes. Um, yeah, the dress shirt, tie, slacks, sport coat....no problem. Size 12 Wing Tips (that somehow fit over Superman's boots? Must be some interesting Big & Tall clothing shops on Krypton).

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09/20/2012 5:45PM
Jona's Blog September 20th
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