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Jona's Blog September 18th

Adele is on board to belt ot the next James Bond theme song! Do you think anyone will ever top Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" or McCartney & Wings' "Live & Let Die"?

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Dee Douglas i still really like Sheena Easton's 'For Your Eyes Only'
Paul W. Draper If anyone can do it, she can.
Ted Kopulos Those are two of my favorites for outright brassiness.
Randy King Bassey and Sinatra are my top two.
Robert Curé First would be John Barrys "James Bond Theme", Bassey GoldFinger and McCartney's Live and Let Die are my tie for second followed by Cornell's "You know my Name" from Casino Royale. All time worst is from Quantum of Solace called Die another Day! Lookin forward to Skyfall!
Bob Calhoun I saw Tom Jones perform his theme to "Thunderball" at the MGM when I was in Vegas recently so that's become my favorite. "And he strikes, like Thunderball..."
Ted Kopulos A lot of fans (and purists) always leave out the first filmed version of "Casino Royale", which was a spoof, starring a number of actors playing James Bond, Jimmy Bond, Jim Bond, etc. Woody Allen and David Niven were two of them, I believe. Can't remember if there was a theme song (yes, I try to remember things first before looking them up).
Ted Kopulos Now, after checking, I see that "The Look of Love" by Dusty Springfield was in the film (and nominated for Best Song) as well as the title theme, which was played by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
Chuck Adametz I read your post quickly and at 1st thought I was reading "Adele is about to belt out" as in having the baby! ha ha. I agree, Goldfinger, Live & Let Die, & I like " You Only Live Twice". "Shaken, not stirred"!
Bob Calhoun You know, I'm thinking Bond needs to start wearing a at again. The Bonds with the hats are way cool.
Jona Denz-Hamilton to Bob Calhoun ...and maybe get a hat into the act again a la Odd Job!!
Julie Hansen Though Nancy Sinatra was awesome with YOu Only Live Twice.
Fran Bennett NO!
Steve Alt Goldfinger is still the best!

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Jona's Blog September 18th
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