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Jona's Blog September 12th

Did they make the right choice? BRUNO MARS is the chosen one for Super Bowl 48's Halftime Show!
  • Joe Kelley No.
    Jona Denz-Hamilton But Joe, we can't have Jimi or the Doors...alas.
    Dee Douglas oh my goodness yes! can't wait!
    Cindy King Yes!
    Bill Sautter Sure. He's a great entertainer. Better than Madonna in her undies, or JJ's boob-out.
    Joe Kelley Jona: Joe Walsh? Aerosmith? etc! 
    Viv Henry Hi Jona! They should've gone w/JOURNEY!!! 
    Cathi Nordin Not only a great choice, but the best one!
    Trish Chasuk Boaz Hell Ya!
    Pat Catanzaro I have to say, I'm a big Bruno Mars fan. Do not love his newest song, but boy, am I impressed with the wide variety of stuff he comes out with that is REALLY good! He's certainly not stuck in a music rut.
    Kimberly Barnwell-Joe Sounds great!
    Diane Robison Great choice....can't wait!
    Bob Ray I am on the other side of this one and have to say, 'Really" Bruno Mars...? Of all the talent on the scene today, this is the best they can come up with? Or more likely, is this the safest choice? 'Nothing great here to make me watch as has been the case with previous choices. 'Sorry ....
    Michael Jaski and where will he be when it's time for the Super Bowl? Hot or not?
 Have you noticed how the pharmacies are pushing flu shots this year? It's supposed to be hitting California earlier than usual :P Where can you get FREE FLU SHOTS in the Bay Area? Some insurers make you jump through hoops to get vaccinated. Here are two places I found: 

(Berryessa on Sat & Sun 10/12-13) www.healthtrust.org/services/oahf.php ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mariah Carey captured a cute moment with her little boy, Roc, playing with Daddy's guitar. I broke my dad's guitar's tuning keys & strings when I was little (LOL-I eventually learned to play)! Did you ever break something valuable as a kid?

    • Veronika Garcia My sister killed all the fish in my dad's saltwater (and very expensive) aquarium. She saw my dad putting the salt in and decided to try it as well...and poured in the whole box!
      Trish Chasuk Boaz No. Never.
      Dee Douglas I got angry for my uncle teasing me and was put to take a nap in his room. He was probably nineteen or twenty and I poured Elmer's Glue in all of his expensive shoes and his new roller skates!

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09/13/2013 11:27AM
Jona's Blog September 12th
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