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Jona's Blog October 29th

Who do you know who's had a stroke? It's WORLD STROKE DAY. My mom had several small ones that stole her health. One in 6 people will have a stroke in his/herlifetime. Please learn the signs...

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      Jan Gomez Burkhart I had a hemorrhagic stroke 2 1/2 years ago, which was 2 weeks before my 49th birthday. It was caused by a sustained spike in blood pressure. I was on medication for that, but apparently not enough. I'm one of the lucky survivors of this type of stroke. 98% of people die who have a hemorrhagic stroke. I'm still recovering, but am able to be self-sufficient. Very lucky, and thankful every day!
      Dana Bondelie Hogan Thanks Jona. Very Important. My dad had a small stroke in June, still recovering.
      Jeff Fancher My friend who's 51 had one earlier this year. Smoking, alcoholic, diabetic, and lifetime of bad food is not a healthy lifestyle. He's basically numb one one side, but has most control. It could've been worse. But it could've been better; he went to bed with symptoms thinking they'd go away in the morning.
      Elysia Chester Me.
      Jona Denz-Hamilton Dana Bondelie Hogan: If your dad is getting therapy, it's important to oversee it. My mom was allowed to fall at her balance-class--and broke her hip!

  • Photo   Happy National Cat Day.
    Sigmund Freud once said, "Time spent with cats is never wasted."  
    Whew--my family and I have an excuse! What's yours?

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    Jona Denz-Hamilton Patty Guthrie: All of my pictures of Kasha, the kitty we adopted from you at TOWN CATS, are in my camera. She's the only cat I know who hops like a bunny--maybe it's having that little, stubby tail!

    Patty Guthrie always great to know how happy she is with all of you, too

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10/29/2013 6:15PM
Jona's Blog October 29th
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