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Jona's Blog October 22

Ohhhhhhh! While the Giants were beating the Cardinals Friday night, ADELE was recuperating from  giving birth to her little boy--unofficially! She's not saying yes or no, yet.  It's such happy news for a woman who has had a life plan of not waiting any longer to become a mom. Sweet! Until you hear about the trolls who have to taint the joy with their awful, disparaging remarks on her her Twitter site! I'd like to think karma will kick in. What does news like this make you want to do?
Photo: ADELE gave birth to her little boy Friday night--unofficially! She's not saying yes or no, yet. Trolls have loaded her Twitter site with awful, disparaging remarks! I'd like to think karma will kick in. What does news like this make you want to do?
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Sharon Harris This is so RUDE
Gina Bobena ...trolls... that's the trouble with the internet! it makes it too easy for them to be the jerks they already are! :-(frown
Ted Kopulos I've always said that EVERY post must be tagged by the real name of the person who makes it. If you can't stand behind your words, you don't have the right to express them. You're a coward. That's not anti-Constitutional, that's ethics. The Constitution does not guarantee the right of anonymous speech. You may express anything you wish, but identify yourself, or your words mean nothing. Alas, the internet empowers cowardice and vileness.
Dee Douglas A similar situation happened here. A young man in jr. high here in our community had terminal cancer. A facebook page was made to keep people up to date and to help rally support for him and his family. The site was used to give medical updates, info on fund raisers, and for general support. Most of our community were so supportive and they started a campaign, "Thumbs Up For Lane" and people, ball teams, emergency teams, etc. took various pictures and would post them on FB as well to show him support. People started complaining about how much they saw of him and they were sick of hearing about it, etc. Even when he died last week, they were still at it. I know it had to hurt the family as well as all the rest of us who supported him and cared. It is wrong.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee Douglas: Small minds...small hearts...
Dee Douglas yep. i guess the trick is to just look at life as being full of good and bad. you just have to sift through it. hopefully adelle can just put aside all the bad remarks and enjoy her little one. i think it would be hard to take away her joy.
Janie Freeman Yep, I agree with you guys. Trolls got me on two forums. Took the fun right out of posting. I got an email warning me that someone was flaming me on twitter. It seemed suspicious , so I clicked the link on my old cell phone, since I was going to recycle it anyway. Good thing I didn't do it on my computer. It held a virus. Sometimes, I check my name on google. I found some people set up a facebook page with my name, that is like a 'for a good time, enter' thing. I went to complain to facebook, but they wanted my Driver's License info. Nope.
Herb Galindo sheesh give the gal a break!

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10/22/2012 3:56PM
Jona's Blog October 22
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