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Jona's Blog October 17th

Did you duck and cover at 10:17? I'm betting wherever you are at 5:04 this evening, you'll be thinking about 1989. I was driving on 680 near Milpitas with my 10-week old baby Christopher.
Photo: Did you duck and cover at 10:17? I'm betting wherever you are at 5:04 this evening, you'll be thinking about 1989. I was driving on 680 near Milpitas with my 10-week old baby Christopher.

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Joni Bepler Jansen I was at Candlestick Park.
Jay Lassetter  I was standing near a fire hydrant and I was worried it was going to explode.
My grandmother was the only one with television, and we were the only ones for two blocks with telephone service.

Maria D. Rosales I was in the living room dancing to "Love Shack" by the B52's. LOL!
Karla Jameson I was pregnant with my son Christopher and driving home from Mountain View.
Cliff Feldman I was at the game....in the parking lot when I saw the light standards swaying about 20 feet in each direction. My friends were in the stands and it was hours before I knew they were OK (no cell phones - remember?
Roni Depue In Morgan Hill I was sitting on the floor with my son and daughter watching TV &  could barely get up.The water heater cold water hose had broken so we got soaked.
Patty Carta Luna Curtis I was in the kitchen with my daughter learning sign language, hubby was watching the series.
Jona Denz-Hamilton My family in Los Altos loaned out their generator to a neighbor who needed it for his respirator. No power there for 3 days. Ours in Berryessa was fine.
Kathy McCovey I was on the air at KRZQ Reno, NV, the AP and UP wires went crazy and I was concerned since I have loads of family and friends in the bay.
Steve Alt I was close to the epicenter....on air at KATD in Los Gatos! MAN did it shake!
Scott Sugarbear Pearson I was standing in front of Calif. Stationers @ Saratoga and Prospect,watching cars on prospect bob up and down like boats on rough seas,heard this weird groan,turned around and saw the giant glass window bulging outward and turned to run and KAPOW, window exploded. My lava lamp broke and filled my TV with its liquid goo!
Dora Zamora Jona...being on the air on KBAY that night was one of the most frigthening experiences of my radio career. Our towers were on Loma Prieta and we were the EB station.
Jeff Wheeler I was eating donut holes. It's my best quake preparedness strategy.
Stan Potts · Friends with I was at work on the phone with my wife. She was closer to the epicenter and felt it a couple of seconds before I did. She simply said "Uh oh!"
Maurice L Porter I was at work about to put dinner in the oven and something made me stop and think, "Let's have an earthquake drill!!!"  All my co-workers asked me How did I do that???
Katherine Roddy I used to spend one weekday in Marin and another in Oakland. Luckily, I was in Marin that day, or I would have been driving over the Cyprus structure at a little after 5:00.
Dee Douglas i was at home and so scared i could not move. my girlfriend had to take my son from my arms, put him outside, and then come back for me. suffered a MAJOR panic attack!
Jeff Fancher I was in intermediate algebra at De Anza college. Class was canceled for the day after that.
Mike Hansen Chris and I were at that game man did the stick rock and roll
Lee Panec I was treating a patient when the shelves started emptying.
Veronika Garcia I was home practicing my flute. My sister and I ran to the kitchen and got under the table. She was crying so I started laughing at her.

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Jona's Blog October 17th
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