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Jona's Blog October 16th

Tomorrow's the 23rd anniversary of the Loma Prieta Quake. How fresh is it in your mind?

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Dee Douglas  it is still probably the scariest day of my life. i'm glad i live here and only have to feel them when i visit now!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Pictured is the Giants' Kelly Downs who went on to play with the Oakland A's for a couple of years. What a shot!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee Douglas: You come to town and the earth quakes?? The USGS may be interested in that phenomenon! : )
Joseph Demarest Will never forget it ... My eldest son was just 2 months old at that time.
Dee Douglas lol, true! seems every time i come out there though, there is at least one small one. the loma prieta made me freeze and my friend had to first take my son from me and get him outside and then come get me. i just could not move because i was so terrified.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Joseph Demarest: 'Same boat! My oldest, Chris, was exactly 10 weeks old that day!
Jeff Podraza I had just moved here. I was supposed to look at an apartment that day, only station in the bay area I could get on a 8 mile 3 and half hour commute was KOME and I think Frank Bennett. He had a report the overpass on San Tomas collapsed at 101 (of course wrong but didnt know at the time), and felt like I was left on the island as didnt know my way around.
Cliff Feldman since I was at the game, it was just like yesterday
Jona Denz-Hamilton Jeff Podraza: It was crazy those first few hours. We let a friend from Santa Cruz stay at our place so he could get to work at KOME without having to take all the side roads to San Jose with 17 shut down.
Dan Kind I was on 101 North bound coming home from work, just between Montague and Bowers. I was listening to KOME and I truly believe "Two Tickets To Paradise" was playing when the quake hit. I thought I had a flat tire and pulled over. So did everyone else. By the time I got off 101, traffic was unbelievable. I parked the car and ran home.
Judy Dallojacono Reed 23 years? Wow! Where has time gone? It definitely was like yesterday..."I feel the earth move right under my feet"....such a historical memory and so amazing that so many of us survived the magnitude of "mother nature"!
Judy Crum I was at my chiropractor's office, in that lovely gown. My chiropractor had just put the heating pad on my back, told me to relax, and then he left the room. I heard all the car alarms going off outside, then seconds later, the room started shaking. Needless to say, I couldn't relax. lol. It's funny now, but it was really scary then!
Marty Kay Anderson I feel the results of that day every time Cold fronts or Rain is coming. I was standing on a Latter & fell off & landed all my weight on my right leg & messed my hip up.
Dean Farley I'll NEVER FORGET that day Marty and Jona!
Veronika Garcia I remember it vividly...was talking about it at work the other day and my co-worker turned to me and said "1989? I wasn't even born yet" I feel old lol

I'm lucky to have a good friend for a boss, but I've had a couple really grumpy ones too! Have you ever had the boss from hell--or heaven? 

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Lorraine Espinoza Boss from heaven!!
Steve Fox · Friends with Karin Nakamura and 16 others Happy Boss's day Dana Jang!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Steve Fox: You and I shared one of the more clueless bosses back in the mid-'80s--LOL!
Susan Dishaw 96.9....i had an Angel for a boss and was privileged to work with the finest talent in te business!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Susan Dishaw: Do you have pictures from the old days?
Dee Douglas My boss actually introduced me to my husband back in 1998 so it's a toss-up. Sometimes she was from heaven and sometimes from hell, depending on how I feel about my hubby on that day, lol.
Steve Fox That's true. It was an interesting ride back then, but we survived!
Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz I've been blessed with a few AWESOME bosses - and one truly awful one.
Judy Dallojacono Reed Life is too short to have a boss from hell, that's for sure! So unproductive.....find those boss' from heaven and you have a very productive business! :)smileVeronika Garcia my previous boss is one of my closest friends. I like my current boss too
Sophie Ray way back, one of my x-boy friends, girlfriend-fiance, gave me my first jod when I got married, shes great! but also, my x-boyfriend, her boyfriend-fiance is one of my future boyfriend fiances best friends YEAAAHH

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Jona's Blog October 16th
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