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Jona's Blog October 16th

Would you find this fun? Diners near Bakersfield will soon be able to sit on the throne while chowing down, when The Magic Restroom Cafe opens. Some menu items are served in mini potties. I'd pass on the CHILI--LOL!
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Jeff Fancher For those who say, "I hate to eat and run," now won't have to.
Ric Abeyta Only in Bakersfield!!! That is one nasty concept for a restaurant.
Karla Jameson no way
Jeff Fancher Do they bring toilet paper rather than napkins?
Teresa Jennings No thanks!
Stacy Kathryn Smith that is disgusting.
Marianne Kohler Burkett hmmmm.... looks appetizing? I don't think so.
Paul Liu Believe or not.... There is a bathroom themed restaurant/cafe in Taiwan too. It look almost the same as what's shown in this picture!
Dee Douglas ewwww! YUCK!!!
Ted Kopulos Brings a new meaning to Head Waiter.
Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz Well, if you get food poisoning, you won't have to travel far....
Jona Denz-Hamilton Paul Liu: Hey! You knew about Taiwan's cafes--they're the ones behind this one. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/
Jeff Fancher What you eat there, stays there
Michelle Marie Haviland · 2 mutual friends
Conceptually funny. But it doesn't go down (flush) well... (Okay. I'm leaving now...)
Julie Stilwell makes me sick looking at this.Virginia Caldeira NOPEEEEEE no way going near that oneMarolyn Henry · Friends with Julie Stilwell
Forget it.
Ken Stout Thats a little over the top for me.
Pam Armstrong Drayton Wow, now the road on the way to the grapevine will be forever changed. Thanks for my good laugh of the day!
Alan Termine Maybe a psychopath might enjoy a meal in this manner
Debbie Cook Shaeffer Terrible idea
Laurie Serpa As if Bakersfield didn't inspire this image anyway.
Pat Catanzaro I can't imagine this will go well......
James Denz Way too strange.
Julie Hansen Reminds me of a nightmare
Don West perpetual motion
Mitch Sako No tanks--what's up with that?
John Lyle Hope they don't have plumbing problems!

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10/21/2013 11:43PM
Jona's Blog October 16th
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