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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog November 7th

My husband, Alan got a very unfortunate crash-course in bicycling Monday. He's in the hospital with a broken collar bone, fractured ribs, and semi-collapsed lung. (Thank you Nob Hill workers who left your picket line to run to his aid!!) Have you ever heard of a bike frame snapping apart?
Photo: My husband, Alan got a very unfortunate crash-course in bicycling Monday. He's in the hospital with a broken collar bone, fractured ribs, and semi-collapsed lung. (Thank you Nob Hill workers who left your picket line to run to his aid!!) Have you ever heard of a bike frame snapping apart?
Laura Vidaurri OMGoodness...I hope he's okay...
:)Eric Predoehl OUCH! I hope he recovers quickly!
Ann Bailey Jona, so sorry to hear this...here's wishing him a speedy recovery!!
Juanita Velasco Great cartoon...typical question! Sorry about the accident; grateful for helpers. Hope your husband recuperates soon.
Kim Nutini Sending prayers his way....
Paul Keller Oh my ... I'm so sorry. I cycle almost daily on a 30 year-old bike, and I can't tell you the number of times I've wondered if this is a possibility. That's so scary.
Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz OMG, Jona - well, shoot, given how we run parallel lives, I better tell mine to watch it. Praying for a quick recovery...
Shabahat Ali Shah O Jeeeez!... That sounds scary Jona!!.. Is he OK??...
Shabahat Ali Shah I have seen the cartoon now after writing the comment... don't know whether to smile or not!..
Pat Catanzaro WOW!! Good thoughts to him!!
Ted Kopulos Alan!!!!! Quick recovery ... and if anyone is at fault, get full restitution from them.
Karla Jameson OMG! Hope he heals fast! Yay for Nob Hill workers stepping up!
Janelle Cooley I hope he heals swiftly
Joseph Demarest Ouch ! I had a broken collarbone before, back in high school.... Not fun !
Maria Rosales Wow, so sorry to hear about what happen to your hubby. I hope and pray he has a quick recovery.
Darren Anderson Yeouch! So sorry to hear that~ Many good thoughts for him!! (and you)
Janie Freeman Oh gosh! I hope he gets well soon! My sister and I have a shared bicycle (new). We bought an extra sturdy one because...we are no longer very small people. I don't understand, because Alan is not heavy at all.
Dina Lawrence Oh Jona, that is so scary. Can I do anything for you?
Don West ARF!!!!! Give him my best!
Shari Burdick Praying for fast recovery.
Mike Hansen if its carbon fibre it sure can hope he feels better soon those damn ribs hurt for ever
Jona Denz-Hamilton Mike Hansen: I read about the carbon fibre problems but I'm pretty sure it's all steel.
Lynda Krinkie Hall Oh man, poor guy. Wish him quick healing from the Halls!!!!
Guy Canha No I have not. Crazy Story. Wishing him a speedy recovery
Audrey Nauer Allen Wow...Jona! Sending him healing vibes and prayers for a quick recovery!!!!
Diane Juellich Oh so sorry! Hope he is up and about soon! This is amazing!
Rosanna Aninos Jerkins Ouch!!! Sending well wishes to him. He's gonna take a while to be up and around
Colleen Stuart-Panec :( healing prayers for a quick recovery!
Susan Milligan Jona, so sorry to hear this, will send prayers his way
Robert Ordway · Friends with Audrey Nauer Allen Yikes Audrey! I've had the same injuries. Wishing him a speedy healing. Props to the picketers.
Susan Dishaw Peace....I'm sorry Jona. God speed!
Judy Crum Oh no. Hugs and prayers that he recovers fast!
Marilyn Barranti Hope he feels better soon !!!!
Mac McDonald Sorry to hear that Jona! Get well, Alan!
Patti Havel Pluta Poor Alan, he is in my prayers!
Kim Vestal Hope every day is a better day, Jona.
Joyce Perrelli Oh no--poor Alan! Hoping for a speedy recovery!
Julie Hansen So sorry.
Doris Dorn that happened to my nephew. but he was doing a jump...i'm so sorry, is he doing ok?
Doris Dorn well, i mean, is he stable??
Ingers Påsan Hellsaa All the best from Norway.
Katie Robinson That's terrible! I hope he has a quick recovery.
Susan Moore Potter Oh no! So sorry that Alan got hurt!
Dianne Draut Whoa, that's rough. Hang in there and tell him hi and get well from me!!
Fran Bennett omg, i'm so sorry!!!
Paul W. Draper Hey Jona...wishing Alan a speedy recovery !
Teresa Jennings Oh my goodness, :-/ Wishing him a speedy recovery as well!
Kimberly Barnwell-Joe Hope he recovers quickly!
Katina Parco Jona, best wishes for a very speedy recovery for Alan.
Maureen Havel Revis Wow-so sorry, hope he recovers quickly!
Dan Miller Give Alan my sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.
Cliff Feldman as a fellow bike rider, I feel his pain. Ouch!
Tony Cox Here's to getting back on the saddle, soon!

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Jona's Blog November 7th
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