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Jona's Blog November 5th

You're hearing it more often...do we HAVE to start saying "THE" when referring to our freeways? What's wrong with just saying, "101" or "280"?
Photo: You're hearing it more often...do we HAVE to start saying
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Anya Iyengar It's a So Cal. thing. They argue the opposite.
Ted Kopulos NO!!! That's a bizarre Southern California affectation. Do NOT spread it around up here.
Sandy Sherman Yeah what's that about? there is no the!!
Ted Kopulos Yeah, drive down "THE" 405, not to be confused with "A" 405 ... sheesh.
Tony Cox I'd give you my opinion, but I'm busy drivin' The-5!
Judy Dallojacono Reed Definitely a "So Cal" phrase....no "the" in No. Cal!
Nancy Biagini  I know this place! and no "the" necessary
James M. Crowley Thats SoCal bullshit!
David Lucitt thats where i grew up -- it's 'My 101' or My 280' joking heheheI agree with NancyMichelle Achee So confusing......glad I'm in Santa Cruz.
Woody Woodcasters If you take those right hand lanes, Woody & The WoodTones is #4 in Ssan Jose on KOQX.COM
Andy Kenneth Risso Used to live there, always called the 101 "The Bayshore", the only other important one was Hwy 17 going to Santa Cruz, lol
Ruben Babun Jr I probably passed this area when I lived in California way back. Bringing back memory lane or more like memory freeway.
Joe Kelley El Camino Real, Bayshore, 280, 17....Stevens Creek Blvd
Joe Kelley Oh yeah & that expressway in the same area....
Ruben Babun Jr What a scenic route
Joe Kelley I always drove 17 like a race course like everybody else in my BMW 2002 Tii,& 3.3 Csi. Oh, I did'nt mention Highway 9! That's the scenic route to Santa Cruz! It was all a blur up there too!
Cliff Feldman "The 101" is an LA thing! Don't let it happen...or you'll have to start saying "I'm going to drive down The Stevens Creek" and "is that on The First Street?"
Stan Potts Here's my theory of the norcal/socal difference in pronouncing freeway names. In socal, most freeways are also regularly referred to by a name as opposed to a number. Eg. the Harbor, the Hollywood, the Pasadena, etc. Thus, when socal denizens switch ba...See More
Cliff Feldman Aaah, so let's be sure we DON'T start naming our freeways
Jona Denz-Hamilton Nimitz...Bayshore... : )

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Jona's Blog November 5th
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