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Jona's Blog November 28th

Photo: Oh--cheer me up!! My poor old pal, my '96 Volvo, just got diagnosed with $3000+ in engine repairs. It may be time to part ways. Why is it so hard to say goodbye?

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Kim Montecalvo Jona that car suits you....... 
Janie Freeman That car was nice. I know about car repairs. I have a 1993 Saturn. Volvo's are supposed to be safe cars though.
Jeff Fancher Because it's just a car and you're crazy? lol j/k
Janie Freeman I don't know. When my cars are good to me, it's hard to let them go.
Dora Zamora cuz VOLVOs ROCK THE WORLD!
Lisa Pollino Oh no!!!! Everytime I see one of these cars on the road I think of you!
Teresa Jennings We call them she, they protect us, they give us freedom to go places, they become apart of our family. When I sell my cars, never trade them in, I try to make sure they go to a good home!
Greg McClure Ow...now you'll have to listen to those crazy Car Guys on NPR!
Karen Denz It was sad when we sold our 17 year old Jeep. I loved that car. We just sold it about 3 months ago.
Jack Tossman Sunny BEACHES Jona! i got one just like it! how many miles? (dang, yer's is CLEAN!
Ross Mehan This is the toughest call--kinda like shaking the dice--do I risk the investment of a repair that may or may not last or go with the huge expense of a new car that's reliable?
Joseph Mckinney Varian's in emeryville should have a good salvage engine at a reasonable price.
Tuesday Wildchild You need an air cooled vw camper.
Ralph Hasty Volvo's originally weren't meant to be traded....EVER! You bought one and drove it the rest of your life. You buy a new car....any new car....now....and just driving off the lot costs you 3 grand. The outside of your V looks great....if the inside still makes you feel warm and fuzzy, keep it and fix it? But shop around among reputable mechanics. Volvo dealers are notoriously expensive for repairs.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Ralph Hasty: I've been driving it since it was 4-years old (NEW in my book!) I wouldn't mind a "new" 2008 in my driveway though!

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11/29/2012 12:36PM
Jona's Blog November 28th
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