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Jona's Blog November 18th

Did your Monday get here too soon too?
Photo: Did your Monday get here too soon too?

David Lopez Oh it's Monday already?
Dee Douglas my husband has been off of work since last friday and i feel like i've worked more this week than i have in all my life, lol. he goes back to work tomorrow night and i am ready for some sleep!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Coffffffeeeeeeee...
Dee Douglas yep, i'm on my third HUGE cup already
David Lopez OMG! Dee...chill. Bathroom break soon? LOL
Dee Douglas lol, most likely!
Janie Freeman I'm on a delayed schedule really, I wake up late and stay up late. My doctor doesn't like that. Who knew that schedule has a bad effect on health, according to her. So, today I woke with a massive headache and don't know why. I wake up, while I walk the dog.
Touch-tone phone service began 50 years ago today. My first experience with it was at my first radio job years later. Oooo--we even had the separate speakerphone added! Do you even remember rotary dialing?
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Bob Calhoun I so miss those phones.
Karla Jameson I do. Also when I got grounded my Dad would put a lock in the hole for 0 on the rotary phone so I wasn't able to make calls. It sucked!
John Lyle When we moved to Morgan Hill in 76....we only had to enter 5 numbers to make a call (the 9 from 799 and then the last 4 digits). So we didn't have to wear out our fingertips as much!
Jona Denz-Hamilton to Karla Jameson: Poor Karla! You never realized that all you had to do was "tap" each digit out to make your calls?
Katherine Roddy I use a princess slimline--I got it at a second hand store, because it works even during a power outage. I can't believe it's been that long! Jona---that board looks very familiar.
Karla Jameson Oh gosh....do you mean morse code Jona? LOL! We actually had one of those in the house as well as the old phone you would crank, but they were strictly decoration and didnt work.
Ken Stout Yes I do.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Karla Jameson: LOL! You can tap the "hang up" button; 3 quick taps for the digit 3, 10 taps for 0, etc. Tough when you had a number with lots of zeros!
Karla Jameson Ehh. I would end up with a repetitive stress injury pushing the button that many times!
Jeff Cloninger Still have a rotary phone. don't use it, but it's nice to own a museum piece.
Paul Nakamura It's been a really long time. but yes I still remember it, Jona! Of course, nowadays, everyone is way too used to those smartphones and iPhones.
Dee Douglas I just saw this picture. KOME studio? You have that deer in the headlights look. OR, maybe it is annoyance because those kids just called and asked for the same song AGAIN! Lol.

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Jona's Blog November 18th
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