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Jona's Blog November 14th

Congratulations to the Rubber Duck, inducted into the 2013 National Toy Hall of Fame along with Chess. Its history probably goes back to the 1880s but popularity soared when Sesame Street's Ernie had a hit with his "Rubber Duckie" song in 1970! Do you know the words?

Jay Lassetter Rubber ducky you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun....
Diane Wetzel la la lalala la la la la me......
Elysia Chester Yes. I sing them all the time...much to my son's dismay! But he's the one playing with my rubber duckies, so...
Jona Denz-Hamilton Now I've got MahNa MahNa going through my head!
Jona Denz-Hamilton's photo.
Patricia Monsees dont remember that one!
Dee Douglas lol, we used to have that record
Donna Yeager Yes!!!! I do....
Gina Six Kudo Oh gosh Jona, can those be purchased? Anyone know where? I "need" one to torment our daughter with. She's over 30, LOL!
Tasha Lyons I want beaker!
Ken Mensing Gee thanks Jona. Now I've got MahNa MahNa going through my head!Jona Denz-Hamilton Gina Six Kudo: eBay's got some. The cd's rare now, but the best deal is at $7: http://www.ebay.com/.../161137887302...
US $7.00 Acceptable in Music, CDs
Gina Six Kudo Thanks! I need to find that doll too! This entire post has made me smile. Thank you.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Just search eBay for Mahna. There's a whole bunch of the dolls!
Gina Six Kudo This is soooo fun! Christmas will be a hoot with this and all of us ribbing our daughter. Thank you.
Vangie Start Fuhrman Kermit Unpigged... funny!

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11/14/2013 3:26PM
Jona's Blog November 14th
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