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Jona's Blog November 24th

Is this spooky or what? My son Chris took these last night--he came in when the coyotes and other nocturnal noises seemed a little too close!

Virginia Caldeira creepy looking
Judy Crum Oh wow! Those are seriously spooky!!!!! Nice shots though!
Doris Dorn i bet some are raccoons
Elysia Chester Oh heck no! That is scarrrrrry!
Sherri Cousart It looks like all those little white balls of light, are little orbs! Have you noticed?
Jona Denz-Hamilton Sherri Cousart: I sure did. But I think these are pollen or dust.
Sherri Cousart Ahhhhh......not spooky at all! They're little Souls/spirits filled with love!!
Kenny Thomas when i was 15 i had a ball of light come into my room and visit me. They are very real and they live here with us on Earth. They are very cool. nothing scary at all, unless it's right in your face. i was scared out of my wits but many years later i have seen tons of footage of these little guys. The one that visited me was about the size of a kid's kickball and it did communicate with me. we are not alone. get used to it folks.
Jeff Wheeler They're Artesians.
Janie Freeman I see the little beady lights under the tree. Those must be an animal. The others do look like orbs.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Those are city lights in the distance.
Scott Sugarbear Pearson I would trust a wolf before those sneaky little coyotes,i see those coyotes on my pool route and they make me nervous !
Dee Douglas i loved the pics... and the comments y'all should come out here and go down into the hollers and take pics and listen. you would not be disappointed as there are tons of spirits out here. so many battles of the civil war were fought in this area and there is a lot of 'unrest' around.
Karen Herberger-Appelman Spooky but cool!
Brian McCracken Heart of Darkness?
Maureen Havel Revis CreepySarah Daquino Too scary for me !!! I c the whites of their eyes!!Nedra Thaeler Night visions anyone?Tina Baker Love it!!!!Trish Chasuk Boaz OOOh.. reminds me of an episode of paranormal witness! Great show...

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Jona's Blog November 25th
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