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Jona's Blog May 7th

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Happy Birthday, JEFF!

Jona Denz-Hamilton On this day in 1994, my beautiful boy, Jeffrey was born. Yep, I'm a proud mom of a wonderful 19-year-old. But what do you get a kid who doesn't like to have money spent on him? He finally agreed to FREE fun--the Birthday Grand Slam meal at Denny's--LOL!
Phil Ackerly D
Jona Denz-Hamilton to Phil Ackerly: The "little" boy on the left is the one you levitated during your awesome magic show for his 7th birthday! (Jeff was a little 2-year-old then.) Marilyn Barranti I like Dennys slams, Great idea , HA HA !
Dina Lawrence Great looking kid Jona!
Marilyn Barranti Actually, I really do like Dennys !!!!!!!
Karla Jameson Take him to see Iron Man and buy him the big popcorn with extra butter.
Teresa Jennings I remember going to Denny's on my birthday and showing my id to get a free breakfast (meal) on my birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!
Noella Andrade why not that's a good start
Noella Andrade then go to spaghetti place I can't think of it for dinner
Marilyn Barranti Spagehtti Factory, Yum !
Stephanie Sereda Short Spaghetti Factory one of our favorite family birthday dinner spots.
Robert Curé Wow 19! Have a great birthday celebration!
Joseph Konton Happy Birthday Jeff!
Minda Camicia Thomas Happy birthday Jeff!! ENJOY!!


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05/07/2013 11:17AM
Jona's Blog May 7th
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