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Jona's Blog March 8th

Happy Birthday baby brother, Joey! I love YOU!

Recently hospitalized, JUSTIN BIEBER got into a nasty verbal spat with a celebrity photographer that he bumped into as he dashed to his limo. The paparazzo called him "A LITTLE MORON". Would that make you flip out too? Whose side would you take?
Photo: Recently hospitalized, JUSTIN BIEBER got into a nasty verbal spat with a celebrity photographer that he bumped into as he dashed to his limo. The paparazzo called him
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Tuesday Wildchild JB is just a little petty spoilt boy who needs a good slap.
Brian McCracken Leave It To Boober.
Stacey Catania Awwww poor little rich boy
Brian McCracken Tuesday, you will need to get in line with about 100 million others.
Loni Reeder If he had not become one, perhaps he would not be called one. He needs to take a good, long look at himself, evaluate his career, handlers, 'look' and 'associates' --- Before he broke... Before anyone knew his name... I was working with a couple of producers who saw his YouTube videos and were talking to him prior to Usher's conversations. Producers who wanted to take his career in a more wholesome direction. Or rather, they were talking with his mother. She was pretty obsessed about putting him on a fast track to quick, big money and did not really want to wait to develop him as a true artist. When Usher swooped in with a private airplane and a fistful of cash, that was the last we saw of them. So now she's finding out the ultimate price of that decision.
Brian McCracken Loni: LCD=Artist: RIP.
Dianne Draut He's just a douche.
Brian McCracken A nasty verbal spat or a hissy-fit?
Virginia Caldeira sorry would have helped....no matter who is at fault....
Jona Denz-Hamilton In his and his mom's defense, they are best friends that struggled together through poverty all of his life. I'm leaning toward dissing the photog on this one. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2205101/Justin-Biebers-mother-Pattie-Mallette-endured-years-sexual-abuse-age-4.html
  • www.dailymail.co.uk
    Pattie Mallette, 36, has revealed she carried shame for years following the abus...e. It led to alcohol and drug addiction and a suicide attempt during her teenage years in Ontario, Canada.
    Virginia Caldeira hmmm a little respect is deserved here. It was a rough life, but he is doing good and his Mom is doing good as well...the comments were mixed, but some so negative.
    Loni Reeder Poverty is no excuse for his words or behavior, no matter what the conduct was on the part of the other person. It may not be fair, but he signed on for the life of a public figure and with that comes a certain responsibility - you ALWAYS take the higher road, even when you don't want to - celebrities signed on for this gig and they ALL have a big bullseye on their backs by the Papp... He may have been legitimately ill, but he had a slew of bad behavior and inappropriate attire incidents on the other side of the pond in the days prior - not to mention making fans wait two hours for the concert the night before PRIOR to the 'collapse' (excuses for that too...). P.R. can be crafty in doing damage control... and a half naked photo shoot in a hospital bed looking NOT so sick, no IV's for dehydration, etc... it's all too slick - and once again, showed poor judgement. His handlers should know better... unless he's out of control with them too.
    Sarah Daquino There is no excuse for disrespect.
    Brian McCracken In this business it is all about buzz. Does he seem like a mildly likable but profoundly shallow and boring little boy? The PR agent will advise him to adapt bad boy clothes and attitudes. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the so-called incidents are really staged acts, paid for in advance, and with an eye for maximum impact and distribution in the media.

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Jona's Blog March 8th
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