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Jona's Blog March 20th

It's officially Spring! My favorite part is the green hills covered in mustard flowers. What makes spring YOUR thing?

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Jona Denz-Hamilton The Santa Teresa foothills are so picturesque!
Sandi Bolton I think I will need to head up there tonight!
Terry Kylan When my daffodils bloom!
Audrey Nauer Allen GIANTS BASEBALL!!!!
Rich Van Zandt The smell, the colors, the warmth...spring is the BEST!!
Sharon Hanna-Heaney · Friends with Sharon Morley Jones the blue skies, the bird singing, warm weather ahead...love it!Ross Mehan Green hills and blossoms--
Jennifer Horine Lopez I love how it is light out later and later.
Ningning Ansay We eat those tops and soft wild mustard, and they are good.
Jona Denz-Hamilton to Ningning Ansay: How do you like to harvest it? I heard it might not be as good this year due to the weather.
Ningning Ansay Jona Denz-Hamilton, It is fun since it is available everywhere , although not everything is edible, so I have to be careful of finding the right tops.
Sherry Perkey Hyde The baby apricots growing on our tree! : )
Sharon Harris The hillside along 280 from Alpine Rd to Page Mill Rd with the daffodils along the side of the road north and south bound
Katie Robinson I love the warmer weather, the lighter evenings, and the poppies planted in the center divide on the main street of the town where I work. And the green hills with lupines and poppies. And spring break (I'm a teacher). Also love all the pretty clothes and bright colors one finds in the store this time of year.
Katie Robinson I like to eat wild mustard greens too. When I was a kid, my grandpa would pick the ones in his yard, steam them and then he'd put a little olive oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Yummy!

Don't you LOVE to hear things like this...
"Who Knew" P!ink was such a sweetheart? She stopped her show last Sunday when she spotted a girl crying. Her words made everything all better--then she gave the girl a special treat! SEE it for yourself--and let me know what you think...


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Dee Douglas Pink has always been considered to be 'edgy' and 'hard', but she has always had that soft sweetness in her heart. I will say though, that since she has become a mother, there is a distinct change in her. She has a very obvious nurturing now, for the children around her. It's lovely to see how sweet she was to that little girl. Thank you for sharing it.
Jym Dingler Alrightythen.
Neil Grant Both Pink and Bradley Cooper grew-up in the Philadelphia suburbs, not far from where I was raised. Glad this happened in Philly!

Virginia Caldeira looking at Pink a little differently now. That was awesome what she did. it!

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Jona's Blog March 20th
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