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Jona's Blog March 16th

Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day. Hopefully you've got a good leprechaun trap or two ready and baited with gold! Fair warning to wear GREEN!

After the fun of St. Paddy's it's time to make plans for the next big fun...

This is one of the things I find in my email that I usually delete--but I'm glad I didn't! There's a very silly book written for moms, dad, or any jokester in the house who needs  April Fool's Day inspiration. It's a complete prank encyclopedia called PRANKLOPEDIA.

I ran a few past my kids and they were not impressed--but they're not supposed to be!! That's the point.

Here are some April Fools jokes from the book. Would you ever consider doing any of these?

A Sudden Growth Spurt: Buy a few pairs of underwear that are exactly like what your child wears but two sizes smaller. Put them in the underwear drawer where your child is sure to grab one on April Fools’ morning. You can do the same thing with socks.

Mom Gets a Makeover: Visit a thrift store and buy some clothes that are completely out of character for you. For extra effect, buy a cheap wig, too. Wear your outfit on April Fools’ morning and keep a totally straight face. When your child comments (or complains) explain that it’s a new look you are trying out.

Orange You Going to Drink Your Juice? The night before April 1, make a glass of orange juice using lemon Jell-O mix. When you child tries to drink the juice in the morning, it will look just like normal orange juice, but it won’t budge from the glass.A Heavy Load of Schoolwork: Before your child leaves for school in the morning, slip some heavy objects, like cans of soup, in his or her backpack. Or inflate a bunch of small balloons and fill all the empty space in the backpack with balloons.

The Musical Door: Buy a musical greeting card that has a very irritating song. Remove the musical device and tape it to the inside of your child’s bedroom door or closet door near the top, with the tab that activates the music taped to the doorjamb. The music will go off every time the door opens.

Impossible Underwear: Sew the legs of your child’s underwear closed so he or she can’t put hem on. You can also do the same thing with a pair of pants, or sew the arms of a shirt closed.

The Silly Computer: Set up the autocorrect function on your child’s computer (or the family computer) so that it automatically changes “the” to “the silly” (or “the slimy” or “the irritating”).


An Eggscellent Glass of Milk: Hard-boil and egg and peel it. Slip it in your child’s glass of milk before serving it and pretend to be mystified when he or she notices something strange in there.

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03/15/2013 7:31PM
Jona's Blog March 16th
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