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Jona's Blog June 5th

How sorry do you feel for Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina? She just moved out of her apartment after her downstairs neighbor made numerous complaints about noise. YIKES--she's got to be thinking twice now about writing this note she left for him and his wife. He posted it on his Facebook, and it went viral...

Rick Conrad Funk likes this.
Stacy Kathryn Smith don't feel sorry for her whatsoever!
Robert Lee Aww... There's Daddy's girl
Lisa Carr Summation: Privileged child now lives in the real world. Brings (understandable) anger and bitterness with her.
Alan Termine She still grieves
Pat Sussman She learned her bad behavior from her parents. She already has drug problems. Hopefully history won't repeat itself...
Robert Curé I feel very sorry for her, that she wasn't taught how to behave, how to respect others. It saddens me, it is a common disease among youth of today.
Janelle Cooley I'm not sure why I would feel sorry for her. It looks like made a nuisance of herself and is bitter because she got called out for her behavior . Maybe is her parents had been actual parents she might have turned our a better person
Lisa Burbach Spoiled brat!
Teresa Jennings She is young and will bounce back! Money can be her friend or enemy.
James Denz Sore loser.
Colleen Stuart-Panec Clearly an ungrateful, miserable child...her parents missed a few cues in parenting
Marie Bond Grow up
Ross Mehan Wow--Houston family values? Glad rich kids aren't spoiled--
Eric Petersen BOBBBBBY...
Karin Taylor ...yeah and funny how SHE was making the noise, not the neighbors - she has no right unless they we're really out of line - and then, don't you call someone else to help? Landlord, cops?
Claudia Smith And apparently there was a baby involved. No wonder they wanted it a bit quieter.
Jona Denz-Hamilton to Claudia Smith: I was wondering when someone would mention the baby!

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06/05/2013 6:37PM
Jona's Blog June 5th
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