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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog April 18th

Could you live with a guy who's a minimalist like ADAM LEVINE says he is? His mantra is No Clutter Allowed, just lots of clothes--he loves clothes! I wouldn't be able to part with my collections of stuff, would you?
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Jona's Blog April 17th

A Throwback Thursday thrill--meeting actor CRAIG T. NELSON at one of Alan's races in 1992. When Craig asked how old little Chris was (3), he said, "I have a Chris too, but he's about 20 years older!" (Sigh) Where does the time go?


Andrew called me to win today's AEROSMITH/SLASH seats.
He was "SO STOKED!"--like winners, Evie and Dave.
Let's make it YOU tomorrow at 11:20
am on KBAY!
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Jona's Blog April 16th

My cats helped with last-minute taxes yesterday...

LOL! Who says "dumb animals"?
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Jona's Blog April 15th

Easter dessert?? My Italian friend, Marco just shared this temptation with me that he's proud to call a local favorite--from his city, Treviso, Italia. And now...

The Official Recipe of "Tiramisù" (Translated "Take me up"):
3 eggs
6 tablespoons of sugar
300 grams of Mascarpone
4 mokka coffee for 3 people
A pack of Lady Fingers (Savoyards)
Bitter chocolate powder

BEAT the yolks of the eggs with the sugar, add the "mascarpone" and beat the egg whites until stiff.
MAKE the coffee, let it cool and quickly dipping the Savoyards (not soak them).
ARRANGE on a serving dish in one layer (It's fine in a glass baking dish with high edge).
SPREAD over a spread with cream, then another layer of Savoyards, then still cream, and so on.
SPREAD at this point the bitter chocolate powder and refrigerate for a few hours .

--This is the original recipe created by Chef Lino Solighetto when he was at "Vecio Camin" of Treviso in 1952.

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Jona's Blog April 14th

Tonight's lunar eclipse should be a sight with a Blood Moon appearing starting about 11:30pm. My husband Alan is a moon nut--are you looney for luna too?
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Jona's Blog April 13th

Don't you think the two best things about celebrating birthdays are being with people you enjoy--and eating? My brother Jim (beard) wanted to try a new restaurant last night--and it was a hit, except they didn't do anything "birthday". They just handed me the bill. But you can see we scarfed up all the food--the beans were a midnight snack : ), so there was no room for dessert anyway LOL!
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Jona's Blog April 12th

I woke up to these pretty cactus flowers when I stepped outside this morning. It's appropriate since it's my landscaping-genius brother Jimmy's birthday! Happy day, Jim!

Photo What is it
about animals looking out of windows that seems so calming? Maybe it's knowing you have a furry friend waiting for you when you step through the door!

I took this shot of our kitty Kasha, while doing yard-work, then played with the photo to make it look like I drew it--LOL!
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Jona's Blog April 8th

You're invited to the TV room of a couple's fancy Los Altos home, with a Giants-Dodgers game tuned in. BUG hors d'oeuvres will be served! WHAT??!! LOL--it's an original play at the San Jose Repertory Theatre that'll have you shouting, GAME ON!!
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Jona's Blog April 7th

(Scroll down for some awesome, personal
MICKEY ROONEY stories that listeners shared)

What got you outside over the weekend? I spent it sprucing up my yard and my "adopted" garden in the open space across the street. Not good for the fingernails, but great for the spirit!
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    Dee Douglas looks beautiful!
    Marlene McCullough I will be doing that soon, working everyday until after April 15th then days off to work in my garden. Looking forward to it too. Weeds have come alive darn it.
    Scott Sugarbear Pearson the "cherub " looks VERY happy to have seen someone.
    Dana Bondelie Hogan We did the same thing. Was out back all day and looked at my hands when we finally went Inside. A huge blister on my right palm (from tilling dirt for seeds) and ruined nails! Oh well, it sure looks ready for Spring!
    Anne Avery I love the arrangement. I wish I had the knack for gardening.
    Crystal Lynch Mickler I love your Iris
    Marilyn Barranti Beautiful !!
    Jona Denz-Hamilton The irises, lilies of the Nile, and cannas are all RESCUED plants that I found in trash piles. They got a new home in "my" adopted space across from my house.
    Rhonda Callen You look so happy out there.
    Tina Baker Blurred Lines got me into Wal-Mart.

    Maria Ponce Jona, I too, had a garden at my parents home and there I started a garden where I loved to plant seeds and help them grow into giant flower laden plants. I learned a lot from my garden too!!!!
    Troy Ziel That looks GREAT!!!! how are you?!

    MICKEY ROONEY made generations of movie-goers laugh and sometimes cry with his multiple talents. He passed away Sunday at the age of 93 with 340+ acting roles to his credit! My fave: Ding Bell in "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World".

    Photo: MICKEY ROONEY made generations of movie-goers laugh and sometimes cry with his multiple talents. He passed away today at the age of 93 with 340+ acting roles to his credit! My fave: Ding Bell in
    Liza Garibaldi, Monica Rising, Maria Ponce and 42 others like this.

    Jack Tossman Back when the Mickey Mouse Club first came back in the '70s, I was the sound mixer. I usually ate with the kids and when Pete's Dragon started shooting on the lot Mickey Rooney usually came and sat with the Mouskateers. He was very interested in them, what they looked forward to, their likes etc. He never talked about himself or his career, unless they asked. He was a nice guy who wanted to know about them. Sweet guy.​
    Dee Douglas One of my all time favorite experiences in my life was to get to see him in "Sugar Babies" in San Jose. I was pregnant and we hung around afterward hoping to catch a glimpse of him. He came down the hall and started to walk past me and stopped and kissed my belly! He said, "Now there's a REAL Sugar Baby". Everyone laughed so hard and he was gone before I knew it. I'm sorry that he is gone, but know he led a very fulfilled life!
    Janie Freeman I liked when he played opposite Judy Garland, and then Elizabeth Taylor.
    Lynda Rose McMahan Remember when "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" would show on TV each year? We would awlays watch it with my dad! My dad had such a giggly laugh, it was awesome.
    Alan Termine So sad. We got to meet him and his wife about 10 years ago at the San Mateo county fair. Very gracious man.
    Michael Jaski How about The Bridges at Toko-ri? The man could do it all.
    Julie Stilwell We lost a legend.
    Maureen Havel Revis Jona, one of my dad's favorite movie is It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
    Jona Denz-Hamilton Maureen Havel Revis: Tell my Uncle Joe that Mom LOVED that movie. It's also one of my family's top 5 movies of all time.
    Jay William Weed ... a fellow US Army veteran, almost two years in WW II, entertaining troops.
    Maria Ponce Jona, my mother and I bumped into Mickey Rooney one morning a long time ago at the Union Station at Los Angeles! He was in a hurry because he was filming a movie at the Union Station...he was wearing those characteristic round glasses too!!
    Dennis Mena I saw him in 2002 at Disneyland when he spoke during the Christmas program there. He will be missed.
    Bill Sautter Deeply saddened to learn of the death of ol' family friend & legend, Mickey Rooney, 93. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, my uncle Les was one of his closest confidants at MGM, including my uncle & aunt being best man & maid of honor at his wedding to Ava Gardner. RIP...
    ...It's the end of an era.

    Also honored to be with Mickey Rooney when he was first awarded a sixth star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006. RIP, Mickey. Embedded image permalink
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Jona's Blog April 3rd

ED SHEERAN sings about angels, but he was the angelic one when he fulfilled a dying girl's wish. She fell into a deep sleep while he sang to her over the phone...and she died shortly after. Does that give you shivers?
READ the sweet story here> www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/ed-sheeran-sings-dying-teenager-phone-article-1.1743599
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    Dee Douglas this so made me break down. i know several teens who are terminal and what they ask is so little compared to what they face. this is just the sweetest thing he could ever have done. imagine if everyone were this loving and giving.
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