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Jona's Blog June 13th

It's a bonafide trend now with Burger King jumping on the bacon-desert bandwagon. 510 calories. Yummy/fatty/disgusting? What would get you to indulge?

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Cynthia Bryant Starvation
Clark Reid Love bacon, and love ice cream, but for me, 'Never the twain shall meet!'
André-Marié D. Bond There has to be at least a million Cardiologists rolling there eyes back at this new fatty food trend.
Ted Kopulos This whole stupid bacon-with-anything trend has GOT to die down soon.
Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz I'm sorry, I *love* bacon, but ewwww not combined w/ sugar....
André-Marié D. Bond Oh it'll die down alright, along with all those that over indulge in it.
"}">1Mari van der Heide Unless it's dark chocolate with bacon, I'll pass
Jona Denz-Hamilton When I heard it was 510 calories I thought it would be bigger...maybe low fat ice cream and lo-fat Spam??
Michael Popham cash bribe works everytime
Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz That sounds like a Hawaii version, Jona!
Lisa Pollino If I wasn't a Pescatarian I would totally try it! Reminds me of Voodoo Doughnut's famous Bacon Maple Bar.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Lisa Pollino Psycho Donuts in San Jose and Campbell has crazy concoctions too!
Clark Cardoza well, bacon is the new 30
Patty Fisher As much as i like desserts. ill pass on this one:) Jona Denz-Hamilton Where's the whipped cream??
Chuck Adametz Ice cream & BACON??Wrong wrong wrong wrong
Adam Tovar Yeah I'll have a side of Bacon with a heart attack thank you. Oh wait, what's that? I can't? DARN!
John Hamilton Lohnes Dynamo Donuts in SF has a maple-bacon donut.....Yum!
James Denz The whole fat myth and heart attacks is slowly dying and we now know that sugar and simple carbs are the culprits to damaged arteries. If the sugar content in this desert "treat" isn't terribly high, I'd be willing to try it.
Jeff Wheeler No way I am ever putting bacon on my strawberry rhubarb tort.
Adam Tovar I'd try it but I'd be afraid I'd keel over iin the process!
Dianne Draut I had a deep fried Oreo at the San Mateo County Fair last Sunday!

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06/15/2012 5:27PM
Jona's Blog June 13th
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