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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog July 2nd

It feels so great to spend quality time with your kid. It's good to be prepared when you're spending time with a group of energetic teens. In my case, it meant getting very, very wet with very cold water!  My just-graduated son, Jeff and I went river rafting on the Stanislaus over the weekend. Let me add that I contributed to the wetness of many others!!

Fireworks are legal in Oakdale--and you can't escape the lure of those 4th of July stands. Jeff & his swim team pals had a BLAST firing off an hour's worth of fireworks . Don't you miss sparklers, snakes, and Picolo Petes?
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Ted Kopulos I miss Roman Candles ... that you could hold!  
Janie Freeman I was wondering if you guys bought any at the stands here in Oakdale. I always let my brothers set off the fireworks. I did like sparklers though.  
Don West Just don't set the state on fire, 'K'den?  
André-Marié D. Bond We sit out in the cul-de-sac with a few 12 packs of beer in the cooler and I watch the neighbors give their kids lighters to launch those large booming fireworks, roman candles, a few bricks of fire crackers and popping m-80s in the coke cans. The part I enjoy the most is when one of the dad's, barely able to stand on two feet, tries lighting them all up but instead, goes into someone's garage and lights up the car. 
André-Marié D. Bond Happy 4th!!  
Dee Douglas they are all legal here. even the big mortar balls that are professional grade. we shoot them off every year. this year though, it's so dry that i wish they would ban them. we are getting a lot of rain right now though, so maybe it will be ok. you should come spend the fourth with us, jona. you could have all the snakes and sparklers you want!  
André-Marié D. Bond We had a lot of rain as well Dee, looking forward to the town's display, the county display and the AAA baseball game down the road, they always have a game on the 4th of July.  
Alan Termine I sure do!  
James Denz The 4th just hasn't been the same since fireworks were banned. It's for the good of the area since there are so many careless people but I still miss them.  
André-Marié D. Bond James....come to my neighborhood!! Bring a helmet!! Jona Denz-Hamilton They're legal in Gilroy though July 4th!


The Garlic City is the only Santa Clara County municipality where "safe and sane" fireworks can be bought—and shot—from July 1 through 4.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Don West: Did you just call me, Kitten?? Jona Denz-Hamilton Where Fireworks are Allowed
Among the 290 communities allowing “safe and sane” fireworks sales in California in 2012, the only Bay Area cities where you can buy fireworks are Gilroy, Hollister, Watsonville, San Bruno, Dublin, Newark, Sebastopol, Union City, Rohnert Park, St. Helena, Pacifica and Petaluma (unless in high risk fire zone). http://sf.funcheap.com/city-guide/safe-sane-fireworks-guide/


Don’t let the rocket’s red glare get you this Fourth of July weekend by not doin...g your homework on state and local regulations concerning legal and illegal fireworks. 

Don West No, Jona, that would be catty of me. K'den?  
Ken Stout Yes, I grew up with fireworks. I miss them bigtime.

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Jona's Blog July 2nd
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