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Jona's Blog July 28th

Don't weekends seem like a blur sometimes? I spent all of my Saturday night in the emergency room with a friend who feared he had a serious condition. So, by my clock, it should be Saturday evening right about now!
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Ofelia Pena McCain Hopefully someone has recovered.
Marco Mattiazzo He's ok now ?
Jona Denz-Hamilton He thought it was a flare-up from a concussion. But all tests look good!
Tasha Lyons Hope ur friend is ok
Scott Sugarbear Pearson YIKES! I know concussions,i've had 10-12 in my life (sports,not fights)
Dottie Cantu Oh no I hope hes ok
Jona Denz-Hamilton to Scott Sugarbear Pearson: They're scary. My friend had hit his head getting out of his car and again on a cabinet in his office--same day--same spot
Scott Sugarbear Pearson and all it takes is a quick turn of the head,sitting down too fast,they are NOT fun,and after 25 years of this "those" moments still scare the Bieber out of me ...everytime !!!
Noella Andrade People who have a lot of blows to the head have to be careful of traumatic brain injury. The auto accident of 8/29/10 where I was rear ended throwing my power wheelchair through the back window and hitting me in the head has caused me to suffer with tbi. My vision is still not fixed
Janie Freeman Be careful you guys! Auto accidents come out of the blue, and then the after-effects linger. Falls are another danger. Jona, I hope your friend gets better soon!
Katie Robinson Yes, weekends go by so fast. My whole life does in fact and it seems like its all a blur. I think my childhood went by slowly and I kept waiting to become an adult. And since becoming an adult, the years race by, each one faster than the last. It sounds like you are a good friend and your friend is lucky to have you looking out for him.

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07/30/2013 10:21AM
Jona's Blog July 28th
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