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Jona's Blog April 23rd

YOUR OPINION: Are you a fan or love to hate NICKELBACK? They nearly sold-out SAP Center 2 years ago, and did a truly crowd-pleasing show. They were super friendly and gracious to fans at the meet & greet, and looked great--I never understood the "haters".

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Morgan Carlton Love nickel back
John Rainville I like NickelBack
Jeff Fancher If they sold out an arena, they just be doing something right.
Herb Galindo Are you sportin' leather pants?
Sharon Harris I didn't know people hated them
Jeff Fancher I don't know why, Sharon, but for some reason, a lot of people hate them. Google "why do people hate nickelback".
Shari Burdick Love Nickelback
Kasmira Wright Fan!
Jeff Werner Why do people hate? Must be insecurity and fear or jealousy. Great band.
Lynda Hall Love them!!!!
Sandy Espinoza Sherman I like them
Fernandes José I LOVE NICKELBACK, I was humbled to have attended their gig back in 2008
Ofelia Pena McCain I'm not a fan of their music, but they look like nice guys.
Kenny Thomas i wanted the Nickel Back that is spent on their cd .... jk. they're cool.
Dee Douglas LOVE nickelback!
Roxanne Wheeler I think I have heard of them And I think I like some of there music
Nicole Torres I love them!
Debbie Spidle Me and all my girls r big fans.
Lori Harvey I love Nickelback Jona!
Anne Avery Love, love, love Nickelback!
Alison Dahlstrom That's so cool Jona! I love them!
Teresa Ochoa LOVE!!!

Stephanie Sereda Short I LOVE Their music! My ski and cycling playlist.
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Jona's Blog April 22nd

HAPPY EARTH DAY! The Divine Ms. Recycler/BETTE MIDLER has a message for you: "Mother Earth looks after you. Please try to look after her." Doesn't she make you want to be just a little "greener"?
#EarthDay pic.twitter.com/PcPXG1SG2z

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Ken Stout She always had a reputation for being an eccentric character.
Jeff Fancher Is she playing guitar? lol
Dee Douglas i remember when i was younger, there was an earth day special that had her in it and danny devito too.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee Douglas: That was it! 1990 ABC Earth Day Special! The Muppets were in it too!
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Jona's Blog April 20th

Can you beat what the Easter Bunny got for Easter?
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Jona's Blog April 19th

Coloring eggs is still my favorite Easter family tradition. Is it crazy that we still get into it even though the "kids" are big? Dianne Draut, Janie Freeman, Monica Rising and 15 others like this.
Nancy Keslin we still color eggs as well
Dee Douglas i love coloring eggs! the older you get, the more creative you become and can come up with some really awesome things!
Debbie Cook Shaeffer Not at all...well be coloring eggs too. My daughter is 23!
Janie Freeman I like it too! We got the cool kit that has psychadelic tye-dye action going on. Actually, you can buy the pre-dyed , hard cooked eggs, by the dozen at Savemart grocery store here in the Central Valley. They are good, but it takes all the fun out of it!
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Jona's Blog April 18th

Could you live with a guy who's a minimalist like ADAM LEVINE says he is? His mantra is No Clutter Allowed, just lots of clothes--he loves clothes! I wouldn't be able to part with my collections of stuff, would you?
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Jona's Blog April 17th

A Throwback Thursday thrill--meeting actor CRAIG T. NELSON at one of Alan's races in 1992. When Craig asked how old little Chris was (3), he said, "I have a Chris too, but he's about 20 years older!" (Sigh) Where does the time go?


Andrew called me to win today's AEROSMITH/SLASH seats.
He was "SO STOKED!"--like winners, Evie and Dave.
Let's make it YOU tomorrow at 11:20
am on KBAY!
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Jona's Blog April 16th

My cats helped with last-minute taxes yesterday...

LOL! Who says "dumb animals"?
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Jona's Blog April 15th

Easter dessert?? My Italian friend, Marco just shared this temptation with me that he's proud to call a local favorite--from his city, Treviso, Italia. And now...

The Official Recipe of "Tiramisù" (Translated "Take me up"):
3 eggs
6 tablespoons of sugar
300 grams of Mascarpone
4 mokka coffee for 3 people
A pack of Lady Fingers (Savoyards)
Bitter chocolate powder

BEAT the yolks of the eggs with the sugar, add the "mascarpone" and beat the egg whites until stiff.
MAKE the coffee, let it cool and quickly dipping the Savoyards (not soak them).
ARRANGE on a serving dish in one layer (It's fine in a glass baking dish with high edge).
SPREAD over a spread with cream, then another layer of Savoyards, then still cream, and so on.
SPREAD at this point the bitter chocolate powder and refrigerate for a few hours .

--This is the original recipe created by Chef Lino Solighetto when he was at "Vecio Camin" of Treviso in 1952.

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Jona's Blog April 14th

Tonight's lunar eclipse should be a sight with a Blood Moon appearing starting about 11:30pm. My husband Alan is a moon nut--are you looney for luna too?
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Jona's Blog April 13th

Don't you think the two best things about celebrating birthdays are being with people you enjoy--and eating? My brother Jim (beard) wanted to try a new restaurant last night--and it was a hit, except they didn't do anything "birthday". They just handed me the bill. But you can see we scarfed up all the food--the beans were a midnight snack : ), so there was no room for dessert anyway LOL!
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