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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog July 17th

Photo: Happy birthday to cool, happy birthday to cool, happy birthday dear AIR CONDITIONER, happy birthday--TOO COOL! 110 years old. My favorite A/C is my car's--how about you?
Photo: Mariah Carey's husband "jokes" that American Idol will need to pay her double J. Lo's salary to afford his wife on the show. That would be $40 million! (Jaw drops.) What would you tell him?

Ofelia Pena McCain Nick, that's a lot of stupid baseball caps. Evelyn Ortiz You're dreaming, buddy. Loosen that cap on your head, it's cutting off your blood supply to the money sense part of your brain! Joe Kelley Bib Pimpin' Jeff Fancher She wouldn't be worth it. Have you seen her in interviews? It'll be terrible. Colleen Stuart-Panec There is something very wrong with the way he thinks... Jeff Fancher I saw them in that Barbara Walters interview. I think it was her. Those two are not that bright and seem shallow. Look at the car they're in. When you're that famous, wouldn't you want to be more discrete? OY! Terence P Mccarthy Sorry,Jona,I been trying to think of some kind comment,I just dont know what to say to that.All of that..cheers to you Lisa Paula Coniglio Kaufmann no...1

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07/18/2012 1:34PM
Jona's Blog July 17th
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