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Jona's Blog July 16th

Dee Douglas show jeff first and then let him help you clean it :) Jona Denz-Hamilton The boys and I have to take off for work and school early, so it'll be a teenage testament until later. Dee Douglas ‎:) well, at least they only go through this stage once! André-Marié D. Bond Nice to know it's never out of style!! Malia Sullivan Scott Hahaha...I'll have to.come check it out...Emily always asks what does TPing look like?!!! Kimberly Barnwell-Joe I agree with Dee:-) Veronika Garcia I'd make him clean it up Jona Denz-Hamilton Dad/Alan was cleaning it up when I left for work thiis morning--he's saving the best for Jeff to clean! 
When our yard got toilet-papered overnight I suspected a couple of my son Jeff's swim team buddies. They're claiming INNOCENCE now--but saying a coach and a bunch of GIRLS are the culprits!  

Lynda Krinkie Hall We got TP'd once, but the nice boys came back to help clean it up the next day. I have a feeling it was more outta fear of Mr. Hall !!! LOL! Dee Douglas hmmm, little girls coming to tp the gorgeous guy's house. imagine that? lol Jona Denz-Hamilton This happened 3 or 4 years ago and we all cleaned it all up within minutes. The kids came back to see Jeff's Noella Andrade maybe the girls wanted lemon meringue pie! lol

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07/18/2012 1:33PM
Jona's Blog July 16th
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