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Jona's Blog January 26th

Photo: My brothers are cooking tonight with my mom's input on her deliciously ethnic Dumplings and Pork. It's one of her great old Bohemian recipes we grew up with--but never make ourselves! What's a family favorite of yours?
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Bryan Burkhart Homemade tamales!
Julie Stilwell Spaghetti. My mom made the BEST sauce
Maureen Havel Revis My dad's favorite:)
Jona Denz-Hamilton Maureen Havel Revis: And the next day, leftovers cut in cubes and warmed up in a frying pan!
 Maureen Havel Revis I'll have to tell my dad. He'll like to hear that.
Janie Freeman That recipe looks like great comfort food!
Ken Stout French bread Pizza Snacks and Tostada Dip. I sometimes make them when I go to a party or a barbecue.
Jona Denz-Hamilton You're supposed to serve it with sauerkraut, but we "kids" never developed a taste for the stuff!
Jennifer Horine Lopez Wait, are you Czech, Jona?
James Denz Czech/German, yeah, that's what we are.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Jennifer Horine Lopez: On my mom's side--Bohemian, as she calls it! She cooked up a lot of this in "your" kitchen when your house was new!
Janie Freeman I love sauerkraut, espcially on hot dogs at the ballpark. Not that I ever go to games much anymore.
Jona Denz-Hamilton James Denz: How did it turn out??
Janie Freeman I like Bohemian or 'BoHo' style in fashion. I thought it always meant artistic.
James Denz Janie, you're right. Bohemian is a type of art/artist but also refers to the people of Bohemia, which is now the Czech Republic.
James Denz Jona, edible but not as good as Mom's! I need more practice.
Jennifer Horine Lopez I'm half Czech as my mom is 100%. I was getting hungry reading about your brother's dinner!
Dottie Cantu Chilie verde yummmy my dad makes it
Marilyn Barranti Porcupine meatballs was a fam-fave, now my son-in-laws fave also.YUM !
Jona Denz-Hamilton Jennifer Horine Lopez: How fun! I'm half Czech with a 100% Czech mom too. Your name is Jen and Mom's is Gen--and you live in the house that she and my dad built!Jona Denz-Hamilton I guess Dumplings and Pork is a pretty popular Czech dish: " If you are looking for a dish that represents the essence of Czech cuisine, then roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut is it." www.czechspecials.com/speciality/pork-roast-withdumplings-and-sauerkraut/
  • www.czechspecials.com
    .Marilyn Barranti I am going to have to try this recipe, I love pork and I do like sauerkraut...
    Ningning Ansay My parent loved to served us pork or beef steak with fried onion ring, eggplants, and sprinkled with lemon in a soy sauce, my kids love it and now my grandson. It's a universal recipe that everybody wld love it.
    Genevieve Ristin Hoska with butter and grape jam.
    Carol Smith I remember that...but now of course I don't go near pork or any other meat...sorry.
    Joseph Mckinney I remember my mom, and grandmother made soopish, a Portuguese dish, not sure I spelled it right, like a roast beef soup poured on French bread, really good!
    Pamela Smith Spahn Hoska, I remember. Don't recall ever being served dumplings and pork. Sounds good, though.
    Hazel Kuhl Smith My mother made the BEST potato salad. I have her secret but still call her everytime I make it to make sure!
    Stephanie Bokariza Ivanov Schnitzel !! Croatian meal❤
    Jona Denz-Hamilton Pamela Smith Spahn: Hoska!! It smells sooooooooo great baking, but I haven't had any in about 25 years. Do you ever make it?
    Jona Denz-Hamilton Genevieve Ristin: Mom used to make our Grandma Havel's Hoska too--with butter and jam out of the oven. It was a treat about once every 2 or 3 years!
    Genevieve Ristin My Mom bakes it several times per year, usually in the winter as it's great comfort food. Goes great with a hot cup of tea. My Mom also fondly remembers her mother's delicious roast duck with stuffing made from crushed saltine crackers.
    Pamela Smith Spahn Jona, I've never even actually tried it. I was very young when my grandmother used to make it. It had raisins in it and I didn't like raisins, so that was that. But she also made the most delicious cinnamon buns at the same time. Those I devoured!
    Genevieve Ristin I can't stand raisins either so my Mom leaves them out of the hoska.

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Jona's Blog January 26th
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