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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog January 17th

I laughed when I came across these sewing patterns online. Somewhere, in some box, is the
pair of brown hotpants with suspenders that I made--and proudly wore! Would you dare go
this retro today?

Barbara Scholl you have the pattern for the guy's shirt that's shown?
i would that or copy of it to make those shirts. i've materical to make them.
Julie Hansen These are funny
Never made hot pants
Never wore them either but I wore cut off jeans and I made a jumper
out of cut off overalls and got made fun of by a bunch of snippy teeny
boppers who were most likely jealous because I was with a guy they
thought was ho

Jasmine Marozick I'd wear the shorts and suspenders with a yellow
shirt.... I guess I'm just a weirdo
Jona Denz-Hamilton Barbara Scholl: You can find these vintage items
all over the internet! Do an online search for: 9179 simplicity dashiki.
Here's one example of what you'll find.

Paul W. Draper I say We need photos ! Where are the photos !?
( BTW These are darling patterns !)
Jona Denz-Hamilton Paul W. Draper: I remember wearing these as a senior in
high school, at The San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View for their
outdoor Art Sale. (Lunch later at the Menu Tree!) I won an award for my day-glo
painting of Johnny Winter and an oil painting of Janis Joplin!! I DO have a photo
of myself with my paintings--somewhere!
Paul W. Draper I will post pic of me reading Ramparts magazine from Foothill
College days as soon as I get it scanned. Jona was such a Betty, but too few
pics of her seem to exist.
Paul W. Draper That goes for Julie too! Where are the pics? I keep seeing the
same two or three pics circulated where everyone is so tiny !
John Hamilton Lohnes I am so retro I'm always now.
Paul W. Draper Im expecting you and Julie to come up with some pics if I
upload mine.
Cathi Nordin I still have the legs, but not into that look anymore. I love those
boots though...
John Hamilton Lohnes I still have a great pair of bell bottom jeans and an
Indian bedspread shirt. Plus, as an added bonus now that I'm out of the corporate
grind, I haven't cut my hair in six months. Back to the future. Far north, man.
Karla Jameson OMG! I feel ancient!
Patricia Monsees wow mom would make me all my clothes in the 60' s and
70's with these patterns I was a blessed child!!!
Julie Hansen I don't think there are any pics of me at KFJC except for one
Zep took in '77
Ken Stout It would depend on the fashion. Mens fashion of course.

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01/19/2014 3:37AM
Jona's Blog January 17th
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