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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog January 17th

Photo: It's scary being told you need more tests after getting a mammogram. (My mom's a survivor.) I only had to worry for a day, thanks to the speedy scheduling by the great folks at Samaritan Breast Care Center--THANKS! Have YOU ever gotten a scare like that?

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Paul Keller Glad that your scare was short-lived. Cool picture.
Socorro Saboff Very good news. And so good to not have to wait a long time for the results.
Granny Nieto Yes and when they did the biopsy..and they told me I was fine I was so happy.
Carla Griffin Happy to hear that all is well!
Renee Carey Beery Yes! I had just come back from the SGK 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego (3 days with people in pink shirts!) . . and they called me to tell me they needed me to come in .. . for more photos! Lucky for me .. they had an opening right then and there .. it took me all of 5 min . . longest 5 min of driving time in my life . . .all for a smudge on the film. I am grateful that was all it was. Lost my mom 25 yrs ago ...would rather honor her memory instead of share her battle. Good to hear all is well with you Jona!
Dee Douglas yes, many. i'm glad you are ok!
Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz A big "phew" indeed, Jona!
Karen Denz Joan - great to hear you are ok!
Jamie Inman YES, in fact I just got my MRI results today=negativity is a good thing!
Fran Bennett good news:)
Noella Andrade that happened too! I was so scared. My mom died of uterine cancer.
Maureen Havel Revis So happy for you! I had a scare about 10 years ago. They found a fibroid adenoma. Got it removed. Wasn't cancerous. It is sooooo scary when they call you back. Now you need a drink!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Maureen Havel Revis: I'd love to take you up on that little drink--can you Skype me a mug of a Chicago microbrew? Better yet--a pizza from Tony & Lil's on Irving Park Rd!
Maureen Havel Revis Jona, wish I were somewhere right now, where I could Skype you a pic. My sister Kathy had a scare as well last June. It's such a horrible experience to endure. Have a good weekend:)
Sharon Harris prayers are with you.
Carol Smith So glad you're ok. Fortunately I've never had that scare, but I'm sure I'd be a basket case!
Kim Nutini sending prayers your way

Janie Freeman Yes, I had to get ultrasounds to double check my mammogram.

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01/18/2013 2:38PM
Jona's Blog January 17th
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