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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog January 13th

Winter? What winter? It's summer down under, so Alan and I celebrated our anniversary at Outback Steakhouse as if it were 85 degrees. Yes--we had shrimp from the barbie--and steak!
How are YOU survivng the freezing temperatures?

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Sherri Cousart HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Jona!!! Along with MANY more LOVING AND JOYFUL YEARS TO COME!!! It IS quite cold here in the states......need a lil more meat on them bones!!!
Steven Herrera Happy Anniversary Jona & Alan!
Karla Jameson Happy Anniversary!
Kelly Wong Kim Great photo of you both!! Happy Anniversary
Mafi Arriola Grome Happy anniversary to both of you.
Maria D. Rosales Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!
Ron Keeling Happy Anniversary Jona !!!
Joe Kelley Happy Anniversary,Jona!
Jennifer Calhoun Not dealing with the freezing temp at all. I am a true summer girl!
Malia Sullivan Scott Happy Anniversary! I'm counting down the weeks until the pool opens!!!
Jon Wiseman Hey Alan, what's up ? still slaving away here at IBM @ ARC, Happy New Year to you guys !
Dee Douglas Happy anniversary, Jona! Sorry y'all are so cold, but we are actually having a pretty warm winter here so far. Our temps will reach into the forties all week for highs and won't drop below twenty for the lows. Looks like we are going to have a late winter if we have one at all!
Bola Njinimbam Happy anniversary!!!!! Hope you stay blessed and wish you many more anniversaries : D !!!!!!
Teresa Jennings What a great way to stay warm, with your sweetie!
Mar Yam What a great picture Jona! Happy anniversary to you both.
Maurice Porter hey Joan, I Hope you had a great time on your anniversary You all are great People!!! Love ya'll!!!
Brian McCracken Nice shades.
Dee Douglas well, after boasting of the nice weather here, we are now having freezing rain.... go figure!
Dee Douglas and now.... snow!
John Hamilton Lohnes Happy Anniversary!
Chris Jackson Congrats!
James Denz No freeze here, Jona. Gingers, hibiscus, and all my tropicals look great. It came close though with a low of 32.5 last night and Sunday night. These 50 degree afternoons will warm back up to the mid and upper 60s during the week. Cute picture of you two.Jona Denz-Hamilton James Denz: 'Glad to hear your tropicals are happy Looks like 32 for you tonight...we're probably going to reach 29 again. The citrus is still looking good, though!
Socorro Saboff Cute!
Linda Delescale Happy Anniversary!

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01/14/2013 7:27PM
Jona's Blog January 13th
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