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Jona's Blog December 10th

Are you in trouble, like I am?? A British skin-care company did a fashion survey of what's "inappropriate" for women over 40. The bad: knee-high boots, high heels, animal prints, maxi-skirts, mini-anything, giant jewelry, leather pants, long hair, and red lipstick!

Photo: Are you in trouble, like I am?? A British skin-care company did a fashion survey of what's

Ted Kopulos I say if you've got the legs, show 'em off!
Lorraine Macias Mendoza I guess I would be if I cared what people thought. I think you should wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you like it and think it looks good, wear it! I'm in my mid fifties and have long hair, Uh oh... Ahhh... Who cares!:) just enjoy life!
Lisa Carr Puh-leeeze! If it looks appropriate, wear it! (But please have a full-length mirror!)
Socorro Saboff I never listen to those people, they're just weird.
Janice Beaty Isn't 50 the new 40? I don't have long hair or wear red lipstick. Don't wear high heels much, but dammit, I'm not giving up the boots!
Pat Catanzaro Oh, that's stupid!! If you can pull it off, why not?!?!
Judy Crum What does it say about clothes from Disneyland?
Janie Freeman Yep, I read that this morning. I keep away fromthings too short or things too tight, but I think boots are a fine look, even for older women. Also, an older woman often looks great in bright lipstick and nails. It adds life to a (forgive me) less than supple complexion. I learned that when my mom was alive. She always looked nicer with a bright color lipstick.
Tracey Gath Just another way to attempt to keep women small. Do what makes you happy.
Suzanne San Nicolas BS, I disagree, if I wanna wear it, I will, I have knee high black boots, red lipstick, and leggings, and IM almost 60!
Lorraine Macias Mendoza Thinking more on this, you know if we dressed the way they expect us to do, they would call us old and frumpy looking! You can't make everyone happy, so just make yourself happy:)
Carol Smith I agree with all of the above. I wear what I want!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Perspective: 2000 women 45+ answered this survey put out by a British skincare company. (Stock up on our queenly hats and gloves!)
Lynn Gold The fashion police are constantly looking to arrest people to plump up their coffers.

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Jona's Blog December 10th
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