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Jona's Blog August 2nd

 There's a "FAIR" amount of fun to enjoy in the South Bay
this weekend. There's the Renaissance Fair at Arena Green and the Santa Clara
County Fair. I'm leaning toward the Demolition Derby Saturday night! My pals Robert Berry
and Paul Keller are rocking afterward! What would YOU pick?

Do you know a Girl Scout who'd love to be in a Coffee Mate Commercial to promote their
limited edition Girl Scout Cookie-flavored Creamers? Are you going to run out to try these
new flavors? (I expect to see 'em in the KBAY kitchen soon!)

People over 55 are the most likely to FORGET names and passwords...
but 18-34-year-olds MISPLACE wallets, purses, & phones the most and forget
important dates, even what day it is! For me, it's misplacing jewelry! IS THIS YOU?  
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    Kathy McCovey thank God my hormones have calmed down, I used to do stuff like
    my phone in the refridgerator
    Giana Guardino I forget what I was gonna say in the middle of saying it. Yikes.
    Ken Stout I lost my bluetooth and found it after I bought another one.
    Scott Sugarbear Pearson not sure...can't remember what it is I'm always forgetting!
    Janie Freeman I'm ok with important numbers and passwords. I have that thing
    when I have something to say, and it just slips out of my mind, only to return later
    when the other person has gone.lol--Oh yeah, I do forget names quite often! ha.
    Roxanne Wheeler I have a pin that says Hi I can't remeber your name either so it
    was quite funny to see this pic posted also have a pin that says out of my mind back
    in five minutes
    Robert Curé I don't forget anything, what were we talking about?
    Cliff Feldman huh?

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08/02/2013 4:35PM
Jona's Blog August 2nd
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