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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog August 26th

On last night's VMAs Show...what was Miley Cyrus thinking?? Whatever it was, sales of
her songs are UP after her antics!

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Lori Harvey Clearly she wasn't! I had to turn the channel, yuck!!
Sue Furtaw Gross
Teresa Jennings Oh my!!!
Diane Bourdet Glad I watched Dexter
Dawn Beers Carter Just. So. Wrong.
Loni Reeder Can't wait to see whatever new 'Blurred Lines' parody there might be on YouTube that
throws her under the bus further - though she really didn't need any help from anyone. Hopefully she
'twerked' herself right over the shark!

Kimberly Barnwell-Joe The looks on their faces are priceless!
Ofelia Pena McCain The only nice thing I can say is that she is in great shape. The tongue thing is
weird. Don't get me started on the foam finger.

Dee Douglas dan, though i don't believe in judging others, i think that anyone watching this 'train wreck'
had the same expression, including me. it was one of those moments when you can't believe what you
are seeing, can do nothing to help, and yet you can't take your eyes off of the tragedy. unfortunately,
i think this is going to be yet another young person who let fame get to them and who has lost all their

Dan Kind I think Miley is just trying (perhaps a bit too hard) to shed her young star image. I am certainly
not a Miley Cyrus fan, but she does seem to be the talk of the town this morning. Perhaps that's all she
wanted? As they say, even bad publicity is still publicity.

Amy Choice Yay, Miley, taking your career to the next level! Next stop: Penthouse. You are an amazing
role model for today’s youth. NOT. “Slut” does not equal “maturity,” honey. The constant tongue wagging
and foam finger action last night was just way too disturbing. Wish I could unsee it.

Alison Dahlstrom I think anytime someone is in the public eye they have a responsibility to be a role
model but different artist stand for different things. Why do we judge miley for breaking out of the shell?
Anne Hathaway did it too (except maybe in a more classy way
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Jona Denz-Hamilton Alison Dahlstrom: Very well said. You have an understanding from being very
close to her peer group. But I LOVE YOUR style!

Dee Douglas what i find sad is that there seems to be a trend happening with young celebrities trying to
express themselves, either on stage or just in the public eye, through sexual exploitation of themselves.
there has been substance issues with stars for as far
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Mike Martin I gotta go back and check out some of those Hannah Montana shows.
Alison Dahlstrom Dee - I like what you're saying. I want to ask if you think Anne Hathaway was
exploiting herself too doing a topless scene? Or why is Lady Gaga different? Or are they? I think that the
public just gets upset because the worst thing someone can do in th
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Dee Douglas i have been concerned about anne hathaway also because again, this has not been her
norm in the past. it may be that these young people have been that way behind closed doors and it is just
coming to light in the public eye, but it doesn't seem that wa
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Alison Dahlstrom Dee - Well put 
Dee Douglas thanks 
Kristi Stegallson One picture says it all.
Jona Denz-Hamilton My main reaction was how cloddy she looked clomping around the stage with her
tongue hanging out.

Sherri Cousart So UNBECOMING!!!

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08/26/2013 4:22PM
Jona's Blog August 26th
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