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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog August 24th

School starts for my kids on the 29th--and already I've heard, "Uh oh--
I forgot to order this book." LOL! Does it ever get better?

Helen Morad and 2 others like this.

Marion Mueller Bryant no ...
Ofelia Pena McCain A friend of mine does lots of bargain hunting for
college text books online. Sometimes renting books is cheaper.

Kelly Wong Kim LOL! Haha... no, even in college
Jona Denz-Hamilton I ask, "Are you sure you're all ready--are you sure--
really sure?" And still...

Dianne Draut No. Never.
Lisa Pollino What's even better is when you HAVE ordered all your books
and the day before class the professor sends an email stating a new
required book has been added and you MUST have it by.... YESTERDAY!

Cyndy Johnston · Friends with Joe Kelley and 5 others my fave was always
the 'oh, i'm sposed to bring 33 cupcakes to
school tomorrow' usually at or
around 11PM....when they go away
to college, cupcakes are a damn sight
bettter than..'Mom, the
fireman wants to talk to you or whoever is my
responsible adult'...

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08/24/2012 2:10PM
Jona's Blog August 24th
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