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Jona's Blog August 22nd

How do you name your pet? We do it by VIBES! That's how we ended up with Spot the
Cat (who acted like a dog), Angel Kitty (she just is), Patches (who has them), and
Chase (who did that a lot)!
 — with Chris Hamilton.

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Teresa Jennings We wait a day or two then their personality gives us their names!
Karla Jameson Usually after TV/movie characters. Therefore we have Rafiki (Lion King), Jasmine
(Aladdin), Stewie (Family Guy), Fluffy (Harry Potter) and Quagmire (Family Guy). Our dog was already
named Lexie when we got her but my son had said that if she were male we would have changed her
name to Slinky Dog (Toy Story). 

Janie Freeman I named our last dog 'Lucky' because he lost an eye attacked by another dog before
we adopted him. Our new dog is 'Toby' . His name came with him from the pound.

Veronika Garcia For Sugar we all made suggestions. My nephew stood at the opposite end of the
room and started calling her by each suggestion...Sugar was the one she answered to.

Cyndy Johnston 40 lb pain in the butt Maine coon is Last Chance...cuz I was literally his last chance,
shelter tabby buddy for chance is Zippy-cuz he was doing cartwheels to get our attention (reminded bf
of alan harper)...Tasmanian Devil Dog-named originally cuz he was one and re-christianed
by our favourite Marine..Lucy-Tazzie's sister a tabby....cuz I always wanted to say Lucy..i'm home!
Julie Stilwell The shelter called my girl Pumkin. It didn't fit. No typical dog name seemed to fit. She has
these gorgeous smoky topaz chrystal looking eyes. I was on the phone with a friend who was googling
dog names, and I would shout them out to see if she would r
espond. I told my friend to look for
names of jewels,that the names she was finding did not match her eyes, they weren't chrystalline enough.
As soonas I said the word chrystalline, this dog, who had been looking for an escape hatch ever since I
rescued her, jumped over to me and started licking my face. That was it! She picked her name!

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08/26/2013 3:23PM
Jona's Blog August 22nd
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