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Jona's Blog August 19th

My friend Marie had such mixed emotions telling me yesterday about her
wonderful son moving all the way to Texas for school--SIGH! What do you tell someone
who's in separation-mode?

    Teresa Dias My baby is getting ready to go off to BOSTON for college. I can just hope that I've built a good enough foundation for her to build the rest of her life on!

    Virginia Caldeira Jona, I had this happen to me....My daughter is in Colorado. It is never easy to say good bye. I cry after every visit home and it's been 4 long year for us. First and foremost, your child's happiness. If they feel the need to do this, let them. Trying to stop them will put a stain on your relationship with your child. Be supportive of your child. AND most important let your child know you will ALWAYS be there for them. They need to do this, we the parents have in the back of our minds knew these things would one day come. Yess I miss my daughter with all my heart, but you know what, we are best of friends. She knows how to reach me and I'm always an phone call away..... She's made me proud of her and is doing so well. I burst at the seams... I never pushed her to come home, although the door is always open for her and she knows that, no questions asked.... Yes it's tough, but we watch our kids turn into fantastic adults making their own choices and know we taught them right from wrong.....AND NO it doesn't get easier, we learn to adjust..........

    Janie Freeman I am a mother to a little doggie, who has terrible serparation anxiety. I've been training him though, with little trips apart. You know like to the store, post office, etc. He's gotten a little better.

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08/19/2013 6:20PM
Jona's Blog August 19th
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