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Jona's Blog August 16th

No more losing your phone at the bottom of your purse! In the next few weeks you could
be wearing your SmartPhone on your wrist. Are you ready to ditch your old phone?

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Dee Douglas i can't stand watches and rarely wear bracelets but for special occasions. just
don't like the way things feel on my wrists.

Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz Waitin' for the phone in my shoe....
Brian McCracken This is silly. Think of what a pain it would be to be constantly holding your
wrist to your face. What they should do is build a phone into a nose ring. Problem solved.

Ross Mehan What about the screen? C'mon--way too small

What is the relationship between this 20 year-old guy and the lovely 24-year-old actress,
Lily Collins?

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Virginia Caldeira siblings?
Dottie Cantu Sex
Jona Denz-Hamilton LOLOLOLOLOL!
Dana Zuccarello Hopefully she's his beautician, cuz he's in dire need of a haircut.
Gina Bobena ...is that Phil and his daughter? (what do I win?)
Gina Bobena ...and wow! Phil w/hair!!!
Amy Choice Definitely father/daughter.
Gina Bobena LOVE him either way! (she's a great actress, too, my daughter LOVED
her as Snow White!) I told my daughter all about Phil & his lovely singing!

Janie Freeman Oh, that is the girl from Snow White! I had forgotten she's Phil Collins'

Gina Bobena ...she looks very different with darker hair!
Janie Freeman Yes, she looks like Audrey Hepburn with short, dark hair. So pretty!
Gina Bobena
  • Gina Bobena's photo.
    Socorro Saboff Good one Jona and Gina! I would've never guessed that was
    Phil Collins. I'm familiar with Lily and love her work. She did such a good job
    in Snow White. Looking forward to her new movie.
    Jona Denz-Hamilton If you guessed, DAD, Phil Collins--ding ding ding!!
    You're right!

    Jona Denz-Hamilton's photo.

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08/18/2013 9:41PM
Jona's Blog August 16th
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