My son Jeff has been hearing "Ruh-ruh" on You Tube, etc. lately. Is it a revival of the classic BLAZING SADDLES remark?
Are you surprised by LADY GAGA'S latest look?
Jona's Blog August 5th
I posed with a moose while in Alaska that's the product of a taxidermist--it fooled several Facebook friends. One even called me stupid! As if... More of a hazard was the big, fat RATTLESNAKE on my curb yesterday. Some inexperienced neighbors tried to kill it by running it over. Another neighbor and I had to put it out of its misery.
FYI: Animal control re-locates them so they can eat up rats and mice and voles that cause a disease threat. I hate to think that it was on its way to devour the darn rats that invaded our fresh kitty litter storage cabinet while we were on vacation--really made a dirty mess. (Not that I'd prefer to open the doors to a couple of fangs!)