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Jona's Blog


Jona's Blog April 5th

I'm in my Casual Friday jeans today but nothing like LEANN RIMES' $10k jeans outfit! I'd love to pick out artsy jeans like that! What would you go for if you could live the dream?
    • Susan Moore Potter That's crazy!! I bet you look just as fabulous and you're not a big wasteful spender like her
      Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz Jona ALWAYS dresses fabulously!!!
      Mary Solema Donovan I have many things that I would rather invest that kind of money in, couldn't even imagine!!
      Ken Stout I'd get a house for the first time in my life and a brand new car.
      Dee Douglas I think if I had that kind of money, I would put it into MAKING those artsy kinds of clothes and then be even richer selling them to people who have so much money they don't know what to do with it all.
      Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee Douglas: You're on to something there!
      Jona Denz-Hamilton Can you imagine dripping mustard on those $1000.00 jeans? That's $500.00 depreciation right there!
      Dee Douglas nah, you could squirt a bunch more on there and make it a new fad, lol.


















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04/06/2012 6:55PM
Jona's Blog April 5th
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