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Jona's Blog April 20th

Tomorrow is Record Store Day! You can celebrate at a local shop (below). Some of my records go back to about 1910! What's in YOUR collection?

Brandy Mason michael jackson anything on michael jackson the king of pop
Michael Popham whats a record? j/k
Jona Denz-Hamilton Vinyl is making a comeback, from what I'm seeing!

Dee Douglas My husband inherited some records from the early nineteen hundreds. They are really thick and are made of colored vinyl... blue, red, yellow. Your post made me think though. When I used to live in Milpitas I loved going to Rainbow Records on Calaveras Blvd.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee Douglas : if they're from the EARLY 1900s--they're probably shellac. Vinyl wasn't happening until later in the '40s.
Dee Douglas Hmm, well, you are probably right. I really have no idea. They are in album pages and I didn't take them out.

Chuck Adametz Went on a road trip today & am listening to my ( I transfered to CD) collection of the 1st 3 Monkees albums & since I am in the process of reading "Monkee Business"-a book about the Monkees & to pay homage to the late Davy Jones.....this is my tribute to "Record Store Day".......bty,I bought my Monkees albums at White Front in Sunnyvale)....p.s. the Monkees were way ahead of their time...& definately shaped the "LA" music scene...
Brandy Mason the jacksons coming to the mountain winery too
Jona Denz-Hamilton Chuck Adametz and thank Robert "Bob" Rafelson and Bert Schneider and Don Kirshner for being ahead of THEIR time and putting the band together!
Chuck Adametz Hey out there. JONA KNOWS HER STUFF!!!!!!I had to read it-Jona KNEW it!Rafelson & Schneider!!! Good job Jona!
Chuck Adametz all of us "boomers"(I'm 56) should re-visit the Monkees......Now that we are not 11 we can look deeper at this "created" band.

There have been so many tributes to Dick Clark this week. Here's one that I think I like the best>http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/dick-clark-dead-at-82-16165717?tab=9482931§ion=1206836&playlist=2898870....

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04/20/2012 3:22PM
Jona's Blog April 20th
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